20 Strange Vintage Products

Today we're going to take a look back at a few vintage products from the pre-internet era which were too unusual to survive in the today's competitive environment.

1. Toothache Drops

2. Doll With Free 10-Day Trial

3.Vibra Finger

4. Cook and Wash on Your Refrigerator!

5. Fly Pistol

6. Hangover Heaven

7. Cigarette Case

8. Perfume Bottles for Humming-bird Taming

9. Cube Lube

10. Multiple Electric Scalp Massager

11.Injectable Poppy Juice

12. The Name of The Game is..

13.Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

14. Macho – It’s B-a-a-a-d

15. Bradley Group Showers

16. Solar Bath Apparatus

17. What Time Is It?

18. Sanitized Tape Worms

19. Horse Exercise at Home

20. Sun Bath Helmet

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