6 Fashionable Women’s Hoodies

By August Gertz

Just a few years ago, hoodies were assigned solely to young boys and girls (and Rocky), but today they’re a fashion staple for grown women who want to dress casually or exercise in style.

Hoodies come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and sizes, and can be worn with anything from yoga pants to a pair of jeans.

What are women’s hoodies?

Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, women’s hoodies are essentially sweaters with a hood, which you can use to cover your head. And although that sounds simple enough, there are plenty of unique styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Here now, are six different women’s hoodies selections - one of which is bound to be perfect for you.

Women’s hoodies #1
Sleeveless hoodie

Whether you’re about to head out for a swim at the beach or want to go for a jog in the park, a sleeveless hoodie will keep you warm enough without making you feel too hot.

With or without a zipper, this hoodie makes the perfect addition to almost any casual outfit. For a unique look, wear it over a long-sleeve shirt.

Where to find it: AmericaApparel.net

Women’s hoodies #2
Zipper hoodie

Zipper hoodies are incredibly popular because most women not only prefer to remove their tops without messing up their hair, but they also prefer to leave the sweater unzipped while wearing it.

The zipper hoodie is great for those days when you’re not quite sure what the weather will be like as the day progresses. And if you’re heading to a yoga class in the morning, zipper hoodies provide an easy solution to what you’re going to wear to get there.

Where to find it: LuluLemon.com

Women’s hoodies #3
Crop top hoodie

One of the sexiest tops created in recent years, the crop top hoodie can make your waist look slimmer and your breasts look bigger in an instant.

Mostly worn to cover the arms in chillier weather, this short top can be bought without a zipper and even in short sleeves. Great for summer night campfires or as a cover up when you’re feeling a little “nippy,” if you know what I mean.

Where to find it: LuluLemon.com

Women’s hoodies #4
Short sleeve hoodie

The short-sleeve hoodie is perfect for those days when you’re still at the beach during sunset and that cool breeze is starting to feel a tad cooler. Sexy and smart, this hoodie provides just enough cover up to keep you warm.

Although the short sleeves don’t give you full coverage for optimal warmth, this hoodie can still offer plenty of heat in the form of style. As well, on those breezy evenings that don’t exactly call for a coat, this hoodie will keep you covered where you need it most.

Where to find it: Overstock.com

Women’s hoodies #5
Sweater hoodie
Loose fitting and comfortable, the sweater hoodie can be worn on cool summer nights or on those days when you’re feeling crampy and bloated. It’s a perfect addition to any casual outfit.

And if you want to go the yuppie route, place the sweater over your shoulders and tie the sleeves at your chest. That way, if you ate too much at the family picnic, this sweater will keep others from seeing your paunchy tummy.

Where to find it: VictoriasSecret.com

Women’s hoodies #6
V-neck hoodie
Comfortable and sexy at the same time, a V-neck hoodie looks awesome when you use the hood because it creates an open space on either side of your face and shows off your neck.

Loose and versatile, this sweater can be worn over a T-shirt or tank top, and makes a great addition to your wardrobe, no matter the season.

Where to find it: VictoriasSecret.com

Stylish women’s hoodies

When it comes to great sweaters, women’s hoodies list right up there with V-neck sweaters and cashmere. So whether it’s a cool summer night or a fall day, slip on one of your hoodies and enjoy the comfort and compliments.

8 Foods For Healthy Skin

By Meredith Thompson

There’s no doubt that nature provides a wealth of nutritious foods to help you stave off infections and live a healthy life. But what about the specific foods that can help you avoid a visit to a plastic surgeon?

It may sound impossible but there are actually foods that help rejuvenate your face and keep it looking youthful and vibrant, and healthy skin is where it’s at. All you have to do, and this is the fun part, is eat them.

So start fighting off the wrinkles and start feeling and looking younger in no time, with the help of these fantastic foods. Healthy skin is just a simple diet away.

Healthy skin food #1

Tomatoes contain lycopene; a powerful antioxidant that repairs damaged skin cells and premature aging cause by your hanging out in the sun for way too long.

Of course, this isn’t to insinuate that you can worship the sun and eat tomatoes and be fine; you need to start avoiding the sun and eating tomatoes more often.

How to eat them: Tomatoes are one of the only fruits (or vegetables, depending on how you look at it) that increase their natural chemicals upon being stewed or cooked, so you can enjoy a good tomato sauce or add them to your favorite salads for a dose of the good stuff.

Healthy skin food #2

The goodness of fish has been touted for years and the news just keeps getting better and better. Selenium, which is known to fight off damage caused by sunburn, is found in yummy seafood such as halibut and oysters.

If that weren’t great enough, fattier fish (and don’t worry, it’s the good kind of fat) like salmon and tuna, contain Omega-3 fats , which are known to reduce inflammation and soften skin.

How to eat it: If you’re not a big fan of raw oysters, grill or bake some halibut or salmon by creating a rub. First, pour some olive oil and lemon into a bowl. Dip your fingers into it and rub the liquid onto the flesh side of the fish. Then pour some pepper, parsley and garlic powder into another bowl. Scoop some up with your fingers and rub it on the fish. Bake the fish at 375º for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Healthy skin food #3
Olive Oil
Packed with monounsaturated fat, olive oil, eaten raw, helps your skin to not only remain touchably soft; it also helps your skin maintain its natural oils.

The best of all the olive oils on the market is extra virgin olive oil, because it is rich in antioxidants and oleic acid. Olive oil also contains squalene, which is believed to help repair and rejuvenate skin’s texture.

How to eat it: Drizzle olive oil onto salads and vegetables, but do not cook with it, as it will not retain all its nutritive value.

Healthy skin food #4

Not only is this fruit loaded with monounsaturated fats, it also contains plenty of fiber, vitamins B6, C, and E, potassium, magnesium and folate.

Eaten in moderation, avocados can help to keep your skin looking young and replenish it, whether you decide to eat it or mash it and apply it directly to your face.

How to eat it: Make a great guacamole by mixing one avocado with a diced tomato, two teaspoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of fresh cilantro, and a finely chopped small onion.

Healthy skin food #5

All berries contain a high amount of vitamin C, a necessity for collagen production (collagen keeps your muscles and skin tight and reduces the chances of developing fine lines).

Another fantastic trait of berries, besides the fact that they taste so awesome, is their ability to reduce inflammation.

How to eat them: Throw some berries and yogurt into a blender and whip yourself up a smoothie or add some berries to your morning cereal.

Healthy skin food #6
One ounce of almonds provides you with half of your daily recommended vitamin E to fight off free radicals (as bad as they sound, free radicals destroy your body’s naturally produced elastin, which causes wrinkles).

Almond skins also contain an antioxidant known as flavonoids, which protect cells from damage – namely skin cells.

How to eat them: You can snack on a handful of almonds or add them to yogurt or frozen yogurt for a crunchy treat.

Healthy skin food #7

Carrots are chock full of beta-carotene, the most active form of carotenoids; a plant substance that forms vitamin A. The vitamin A, in turn, helps prevent the skin and eyes from getting dry.

And because of their high mineral content, carrots also lend themselves to healthier skin, hair and nails. But beware – consuming too many carrots will, indeed, turn your skin orange.

How to eat them: Carrots may be enjoyed raw on their own (baby carrots taste sweeter than the larger variety), you can add them to salads, or even opt to juice them.

Healthy skin food #8
Ground flaxseed
Flaxseed will not have any skin healing properties unless they are ground, so you need to make sure that if you decide to purchase them, that they are already ground.

Ground flaxseed is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to support skin health and increase energy.

How to eat it: Sprinkle some onto your cereal or add it to your salads.

Keep your healthy skin

Getting old is inevitable, no doubt, but if you take care of your skin by staying out of the sun, using an SPF when you do end up in it, and eating a healthy diet that promotes better skin, you’ll be looking 20-ish well into your 40s.

Business Women Networking Successfully

By Jennifer Towers

Networking is a key word that you will be hearing throughout your entire career. Chances are you do it now, even though you may not realize that you’re even doing it.

Growing up, no one ever told me how important it would be to make connections early on in my life in order to further my career prospects and even improve my social life. I was more or less anti-social throughout my time at university (thanks to a possessive boyfriend) and made zero friendships, which left me without any help when it came time to get a job.

If that weren’t bad enough, I didn’t know who to turn to if I needed a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant… I had no help. Luckily, I managed to land a great job on my own merits and slowly began to make connections.

Business women networking is important

In order to be successful, you need to call on the help of others and networking can help you further your career and get up that ladder more quickly.

How you go about networking, however, can make all the difference. There are unwritten rules you must follow and subtle ways to make your approach without seeming like an opportunist.

Rules of networking

Business women networking tips #1
Get their business cards
Whenever you are at a seminar, or the like, and meet someone who might be able to help you (and that you can, in turn, help as well) get their business card and make sure to remember key points of your conversation. For instance, if the person you spoke with mentions how hard it is raising two kids and working, keep that in mind for the next time you contact them.

Business women networking tips #2
Sell them on you
Instead of talking about how they might be able to help you, your mission should be to let them in on what a great asset you can be to their business. Most people prefer to receive rather than give, so by illustrating what you can offer, their giving back will seem more like second nature.

Business women networking tips #3
Don’t talk forever

When you meet a potential contact, don’t spend the whole evening with them. Your objective should be to introduce yourself and speak with them just long enough for them to remember you and for you to make your exit on a high note. The last thing you want is to annoy anyone and have them discard your business card.

There are other people around and not only should you try to make other contacts, but they probably want to get conversations going with other people as well.

Business women networking tips #4
Give your business card
Carry your business card everywhere you go because you never know when an opportunity will present itself. And when you give it to someone, give them a moment to look at it and take in what it says and who you are. If necessary, write something on it about what you’ve discussed, that way they’ll know that you don’t hand your card off to just anyone.

Business women networking tips #5
Store the information

Once you get home or to work, make sure to place the information in a localized area (Palm, Blackberry, online contacts list, etc.) in order to have everything you need at the drop of a hat. Include things about the person that will help you remember who they are and feel free to jot down things about your last conversation to demonstrate that they were memorable when you recount a past conversation.

Business women networking tips #6
Call just to say hi

If you call someone only when you need something, they won’t like it. But if you call about once every two weeks to see how they’re doing and ask about the kids, when it comes time to ask about a favor, they won’t be as defensive or insulted because you dedicated some time to developing a relationship first.

Business women networking tips #7
Ask for help with a compliment
If you need an accountant’s help but don’t want to leave one of your limbs with the secretary once the job is completed, calling up one of your “buddies” for assistance is ideal. Starting out with “I need some advice about a money situation and I thought who better to call than Dan…” will serve to make him feel like a star and you less needy about the whole situation.

Business women networking tips #8
Show appreciation for any help

If Dan managed to help you clear up the accounting problem in no time, show him your appreciation by sending him a box of chocolates or even a pizza with a thank you note. Everyone likes to be appreciated and if you make a public display of it, it only helps his ego and you… the next time you need a favor.

Business women networking

When it comes to making connections, you need to understand that nothing is free. You need to be consistent in showing your appreciation and ensure that every individual feels like an individual and not a number in your presence.

That is the key to being a successful networker: Keep the lines of communication open and make ‘em feel like celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Vital Stats
Birth Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Birth Date: July 24, 1970
Birth Place: Bronx, New York
Height: 5’6”
Romantic Link: Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez Interesting Facts
Jennifer Lopez took singing and dancing lessons from age 5.

Jennifer Lopez is the first singer to have a music album (J.Lo) and a movie (The Wedding Planer) hit No. 1 in the same week.

Jennifer Lopez Biography
Born on July 24, 1970, and raised in Bronx, New York, with her sisters Leslie and Lynda, Jennifer Lopez knew she was destined for fame at an early age.

With the encouragement of her schoolteacher mother Guadalupe and her computer operator father David, Jennifer set off on her path to stardom when she was only 7 years old. Off to a good start, Jennifer and her dance school classmates went on a tour of New York.

Jennifer Lopez in In Living Color

By the time she was 16, Jennifer got a bit part in the film My Little Girl, which starred Mary Stuart Masterson.

When Jennifer was 19, she heard about a dance scholarship being offered in Manhattan and decided to drop out of Baruch College after only one semester, and began taking full-time dance courses, working in a legal office and dancing in nightclubs in Manhattan in the evenings.

Jennifer’s first dance gigs included rap videos, and she even landed a spot as a dancer at the American Music Awards. But it wasn’t until after she was rejected twice that Jennifer was accepted as a “Fly Girl” dancer on the hit comedy skit show In Living Color.

Jennifer Lopez dances for Janet Jackson

After a couple of seasons with In Living Color, Jennifer landed a role as one of Janet Jackson’s dancers and even appeared in the video “That’s The Way Love Goes” in 1993.

But while Jennifer was contracted to go on tour with Janet and her crew, she asked if she could be let off of her contractual obligations so that she could pursue a career in acting. Janet’s people took no issue with it and Jennifer was off and running to pursue her dream.

After a few TV gigs, none of which were long-lived, Jennifer finally got her big movie role when she starred opposite Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in 1995’s Money Train.

While Jennifer’s role was a significant one, most people did not take notice of the Puerto Rican beauty, nor did they when she landed a part opposite Robin Williams in 1996’s Jack. It wasn’t until she played a famous singer that the public would take notice of Miss Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez becomes Selena

In 1997, Jennifer played slain Tejano singer Selena, in the movie of the same name, and Jennifer Lopez finally became a household name. That same year, Jennifer also starred in Anaconda, U Turn and Blood and Wine, but those film roles paled in comparison.

It was also in 1997, that Jennifer married waiter and model Ojani Noa; the two divorced only eight months later.

In 1998, Jennifer had begun dating Diddy and starred opposite George Clooney in the very sexy film, Out of Sight; the film was praised by critics and audiences alike, and it became clear that Jennifer was becoming box office gold.

Lopez releases On the 6

But acting would not be the only talent that Jennifer possessed; by 1999, Lopez released her debut album, On the 6, and it wasn’t long before it hit triple-platinum status.

In 2000, Jennifer opted to star in a darker film called The Cell, in which her character would go into a comatose state in order to get into the mind of a serial killer. The movie would not be well-received by audiences, but critics praised the creativity of the film.

Lopez is the Wedding Planner

In 2001, after a highly publicized break up from Diddy, Jennifer Lopez made history when she was the first ever Hollywood star to have a film and album debut at No. 1 in the same week. Her movie, The Wedding Planner, with costar Matthew McConnaughey, was tops at the box office, and her sophomore album J.Lo, was at the top of the Billboard charts.

Although her next film that year, Angel Eyes, would not do as well, Jennifer’s album was certified four times platinum and the nickname J.Lo would become a mainstay.

Lopez becomes Bennifer

Only seven months after her break up from Diddy, Jennifer married backup dancer Cris Judd in September 2001. Her second marriage ended after only 10 months.

In 2002, while Jennifer was busy releasing Maid in Manhattan, she met and began dating her Gigli co-star, Ben Affleck, and the two would adopt the name Bennifer, and become the most talked about celebrity couple in the media.

Jennifer released her fourth album, This Is Me… Then, which was certified two times platinum and her first hit single, “Jenny From the Block,” featured a slick-haired Ben Affleck.

By November of that year, the two had become engaged, but their wedding would never come to fruition and they broke up by January 2004. By that time, Gigli had come and gone (it was released in 2003), and was panned by critics and the four people who opted to see it.

Lopez marries Marc Anthony

By June 2004, Jennifer was married to singer Marc Anthony, and began shying away from the media spotlight.

In 2005, Jennifer released her fifth album, Rebirth, without much fanfare, although it was certified platinum. That same year, Jennifer also starred in Monster-in-Law, alongside Jane Fonda, and An Unfinished Life with Robert Redford.

Jennifer Lopez in Bordertown

By the time 2006 rolled around, Jennifer had all but faded from the spotlight. She took on a less big-budget role in the film El Cantante, in which she stars alongside her husband and is credited as producer, and remained low-key, appearing with her husband wherever she went.

In 2007, starred in Bordertown with Robert Redford, and Bridge and Tunnel, and released her first all-Spanish album, Como Ama Una Mujer, perhaps due to the influence of her husband.

After sales of her Spanish album tanked, Lopez released Brave also in 2007, and headlined a tour with her husband. And although the couple denies that they are are pregnant with their first child, Lopez’s baby bump is growing by the day.

IMDb.com - Jennifer Lopez

Sexy Shoes For The Bedroom

By Ellen Shear

There are shoes you pay an arm and a leg for because they are just so gorgeous that you’re willing to sacrifice limbs for them. Then there are sexy shoes for the bedroom – shoes that are so beautiful yet just aren’t realistic for everyday life.

I own about six pairs of shoes that have never seen the light of day. They are used only for those evening when I’m feeling a little hot and bothered, and want to give my legs that extra boost of sexiness that only 6-inch heels could provide.

Such sexy shoes would begin hurting my feet in about 30 minutes if I were walking around in them, but for the bedroom, where walking is not high on my list of priorities, these sexy shoes are the perfect addition to my sinful lingerie.

So which shoes are they? Well, they vary greatly. If you’re a wild one in the bedroom, then your shoes should reflect that. If you’re more demure, then again, the shoes you wear will indicate what you’re like. And if you’re a bit of everything, then there may be a few pairs that you would enjoy sporting tonight.

Here, now, are some sexy shoes you might to put on your charge card very soon.

Marabou Bedroom Slipper
These sexy shoes slide on easily and can be removed in a flash. The Marabou Bedroom Slipper resembles the old-school style of seduction and when you put these on, there will be no doubt in your man’s head what you’re up to.

With a clear, 5-inch heel and feathers on the front, you will feel sexy putting them on, and he’ll get incredibly turned on watching you move.

Spike Knee-High Boots
Although you might look at these boots and wonder if you’ll have to cut them off after you get your sweat on in bed, keep in mind that they actually have a zipper and will look that much sexier going on and coming off. (Ever tried to put zipperless spandex knee-high boots on? Not the sexiest image.)

These ultra-sexy boots contain a 5-inch heel with a stretch patent so that even if you have thicker calves, they’ll still complement your shape.

So if you want to unleash your inner bad girl, these boots will tell him everything you want him to know without your having to say a word.

Peep-Toe Pumps
Jessica Rabbit was the queen of peep-toe pumps and now you can do it like they do in animation. The appeal these sexy shoes add to any foot is immeasurable simply because they’ve been used in fantasies for so long that men instantly melt when they see them.

With a 6-inch heel and vinyl finish, you can slip them on, lie in bed and find out what it’s like to spend a night in a cartoon woman’s shoes.

Ballerina Shoe
While most tie-up-the-leg shoes look great with a hot skirt, clear heels should definitely maintain their spot in strip joints and bedrooms, and nowhere else. So while these sexy shoes will make your leg look great, they should be restricted to his eyes only.

Another 5-incher (that almost sounds dirty), these tie-up heels will flatter your leg and can easily serve to be the only thing you’re wearing when he walks in the room. The tie up ribbon is available in black, pink, blue, and red.

Beaded sandals
Let him think you’re an Egyptian princess when you don these beautiful sexy shoes, complete with an anklace (like a necklace, but for the ankles).

This regal pair of sandals with a 4.5-inch heel will look just as great on out on the town as they will when your legs are in the air and you’re on your back. Yes, I permit you to give these shoes multiple duties, just make sure you don’t get any serious gunk on the bottoms.

Wearing sexy shoes to bed

While slippers are fine for those days when your feet are sore and you just want to watch Grey’s Anatomy and call it a night, seduction requires a little work. And with the aforementioned sexy shoes, it sounds like your feet will be doing all the work for you.

Good night.

Top 10 Healthy Breads

By Renee Carter

Although bread has gotten a bad rap of late, there are some awesome tasting and good-for-you breads on the market that you’re not paying attention to simply because the low-carb craze still hasn’t been completely curbed.

But carbs are necessary for a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by incorporating healthy breads into your diet, you will be able to create easy meals (enter the sandwich) without having to turn on the stove every time.

But be careful with bread in general. Even the healthiest of breads should be consumed in moderation; otherwise, your pancreas will grow to three times its normal size and most breads contains more calories than your body knows what to do with. And it’s not as though we’re working the farm all day long and need so many calories.

That said, here are the top 10 healthy breads on the market, and all can be found at high end health food stores or even in your grocer’s market.

Healthy breads #10

Originating in Germany, pumpernickel is a type of sourdough bread and its main ingredients include rye flour and rye meal, as well as molasses, which is what gives it its dark, intense color.

Although they’re not very easy to find in typical grocery stores the United States, if you do find them, note that they are rounded.

Calories: 80 per slice
Ingredients to look for: rye flour, rye meal flour, water, molasses, cornmeal, unsweetened cocoa, coffee, salt, dry yeast, wheat gluten, caraway seeds

Healthy breads #9

High in good fats like omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acid, flaxseed can help to reduce arthritic pain and the chances of developing heart disease. If you opt for bread containing flaxseed, ensure that it is ground into the bread so that your body is able to absorb the omega-3 benefits.

Calories: 160 per slice
Ingredients to look for: whole rye, mountain spring water, whole wheat, flaxseed, yeast, sea salt

Healthy breads #8
Hemp bread

THC, a compound used to make cannabis, is not found in hemp bread, so you don’t have to worry about testing positive for drugs should you consume it. Hemp itself is very high in protein and omega-3 fat, and is quite beneficial to the body.

Calories: 90 per slice
Ingredients to look for: Stoneground whole wheat flour, unbleached wheat flour, flaxseed, hempseed flour, raw pumpkin seeds, oat fiber, water, sesame seeds, raw sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, hulled millet, shelled hempseed, unrefined sea salt.

Healthy breads #7

Crispbreads, like Ryvita, are crunchy, hearty, nutty tasting snacks that you can put anything on. Rather than opting for topped crackers, put some smoked salmon and light cream cheese on a crispbread and keep your diet in check.

Calories: 25 per slice
Ingredients to look for: whole grain rye, salt

Healthy breads #6
High-fiber walnut bread

Breads fortified with fiber are always a good thing (fortified is not the same thing as enriched – see below), and when you add heart healthy walnuts to the mix, you’ve got yourself a tasty and satisfying situation.

Walnuts are low in saturated fats and high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which help lower bad cholesterol in the body.

Calories: 100 per slice
Ingredients to look for: whole wheat flour, rye flour (or meal), walnuts, salt

Healthy breads #5
Oat bread

Oats contain flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that help protect cells from the process of oxidation. That’s why oatmeal is touted as part of a healthy breakfast, but now you can opt to enjoy oat bread instead.

Calories: 110 per slice
Ingredients to look for: wholemeal flour, oatmeal, milk, water, olive oil, molasses, yeast

Healthy breads #4
Manna bread

A grain bread slowly baked at low temperatures, manna bread can be found in your grocer’s refrigerator and is rich in flavor.

With a naturally sweet flavor and rich texture, the reason manna bread tastes so amazing is due to the breakdown of complex carbs and gluten into simple sugars, which your body can digest more easily.

Calories: 80 per slice
Ingredients to look for: sprouted organic whole wheat kernels, filtered water

Healthy breads #3
Stone milled

If you’re not a big fan of crunchy wheat in your bread, then stone-milled bread is not for you. But for those of you who enjoy the natural taste and filling effect of grains, stone-milled bread makes an interesting addition to sandwiches.

Calories: 80 per slice
Ingredients to look for: unbleached flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour), water, rye, caraway seeds, salt

Healthy breads #2
100% whole wheat

When you see the word “wheat” without the word “whole,” put the bread down and step away from it. Wheat bread can be made using both whole wheat and white flour, and the bread could even be made with enriched flour, which isn’t good for you at all.

Calories: 100 per slice
Ingredients to look for: Whole wheat flour, water, flax, honey, yeast, salt

Healthy breads #1
100% whole grain

If the packaging has “100% whole grain” on it, you can be certain that the whole-grain flour will list before refined flour on the ingredient list (although you should probably avoid “refined” or “enriched” ingredients altogether -- see end of article). When buying whole-grain bread, however, keep an eye out for sodium – many whole grain breads tend to be high in it.

Another great thing about whole grain breads is that they tend to have a lower GI, or glycemic index, which means that they can help control your appetite and your blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and lower your risk of getting heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Calories: 90 per slice
Ingredients to look for: whole grains, whole wheat flour, water, sea salt, dry yeast, vegetable oil

Other things to watch for when buying bread:

  • Avoid enriched – Enriched flour is not a good thing – it means that the flour had all its beneficial properties (vitamins, minerals) removed and that some were added back.
  • Go for fortified – Fortified means that on top of what’s already in the food, vitamins and minerals were added.
  • High fiber – bread should contain about 5 grams of fiber per serving.
  • Low sugar – if one of the first three ingredients on the list ends in -ose (glucose, lactose, and sucrose), or is sugar or corn syrup, you shouldn’t buy it (that actually goes for all food).
  • Good fats – try to find breads with monounsaturated fats (canola or olive oil) or polyunsaturated fats (corn, peanut or sesame oil).
  • Avoid hydrogenated – hydrogenation is the process of cooking oils and fats, resulting in their saturation.

  • Keep your healthy breads

    Bread is a great addition to your diet, so long as you consume it in moderation. And with the 10 breads listed above, there’s no doubt that you will be adding more flavor to your life every now and then.

    Top 10 Bikini Bodies

    By Bobbi Hunter

    When it comes to Hollywood, perfect bodies abound, all thanks to juice diets and 6-hour-a-day workout schedules. But hey, when your job requires you to look hot, you have to do whatever’s necessary to stay on top.

    And the celebrities don’t disappoint; all thanks to teeny weeny, itsy bitsy bikinis and the stalkers who chase them down to get the shot, we all know who’s hot and who’s not (*cough* Tara Reid *cough*),

    That said, check out the 10 hottest bodies on the scene today, sunscreen not included.

    Bikini bodies #10
    Jessica Simpson

    It’s unattractive when a woman’s body weight fluctuates because the moment you see her looking thick, her weight loss just can’t make up for the previous assault on the eyes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Jessica Simpson.

    When she did the crappy flick The Dukes of Hazzard, her turn as Daisy Duke was pretty smokin’, and you could easily tell that she had been working hard to get the perfect body.

    And to prove it, Jess got naked in her video for the remake “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” and had men worldwide downloading her getting wet and shaking her booty in front of a car that no one remembers.

    Bikini bodies #9
    Kristin Cavallari

    Known for her starring role in MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, Kristin may not have the greatest personality, but she sure as hell has a great body and face.

    While some people criticize Kristin for using her reality TV fame to further her career, I personally think she’d be an idiot not to. Although, in all fairness, not many Hollywood big shots will take her seriously. But many of them will no doubt let her crash on their couch...

    Bikini bodies #8
    Jenny McCarthy

    After Jenny had her son, Evan, in 2002, she looked like a whale, and I’m not exaggerating. Luckily, Jenny hooked up with Weight Watchers and managed to get her perfect body back.

    And although Jenny’s son was diagnosed with autism, she manages to work hard to keep up appearances and has a fantastic relationship with Jim Carrey – that’s probably because the two have decided never to marry. But I digress, the girl has got it going on!

    Bikini bodies #7
    Gisele Bundchen

    Of all the supermodels that have come and gone, Gisele seems a mainstay whose looks only get more enticing with time. Her long, lean body, sun kissed skin and breasts that are perfectly tailored to her body make this Brazilian bombshell that much easier to love.

    When Gisele dons a bikini, jaws drop and the world stops moving for just a minute. Even her hair is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

    Bikini bodies #6
    Carmen Electra
    Carmen Electra has to be on this list because all she is really known for is looking hot. That, and beating up Dennis Rodman. But put this girl in a bikini and there's no doubt that she deserves her place in Hollywood.

    She works out and makes sexy appearances, and that’s about it… but that’s all she really needs to do. Oh, and she occasionally appears with the Pussycat Cat dolls dressed up like a whore and dancing. Which, you gotta admit, she was born to do.

    Bikini bodies #5
    Roselyn Sanchez

    It seems as though Roselyn simply isn’t destined for Hollywood stardom (probably because her face resembles that of Sandra Bullock), and gets stuck in roles opposite people like Cuba Gooding Jr. (Boat Trip) and Sofia Vergara (Chasing Papi).

    But no matter; Roselyn is one of the hottest women alive and has the perfect bikini body to prove it. Just look at this woman; she is the epitome of perfection.

    Bikini bodies #4
    Brooke Burke

    Brooke has dropped babies and still has a body that just won’t quit. Given, her breasts are store bought, but you definitely have to attribute the rest of her to good genes. Although many would consider her a butter face, you have to admit that women would give up 2 years of sex for a body like that.

    The former host of E!’s Wild On has had two children with two different men and does not have a drop of cellulite. This 36-year-old beauty could give most 18-year-olds a run for their money!

    Bikini bodies #3
    Megan Fox

    It’s obvious that God took his sweet time when he put Megan Fox together. If it weren’t enough that she has the perfect face and the bluest eyes this side of the sky, she also has a body that just won’t quit. And this babe isn’t shy about using it to land roles (see Two and a Half Men or Transformers).

    She’s being pegged as the next Angelina Jolie, but even I have to admit that she’s even sexier than Angie.

    Bikini bodies #2
    Jessica Biel

    With a butt you can bounce anything off of, Jessica Biel, who is currently dating Justin Timberlake, has a body that even makes even the most beautiful of us jealous.

    If you keep up with the gossip rags, you’d know that Jess works really hard at keeping her butt, well, really hard, and that, although genes do play a role, there’s no doubt that she is in great shape. And if you want to see her perfect body in motion, check out I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

    Bikini bodies #1
    Jessica Alba
    I’ll be the first to admit that Jessica Alba’s acting leaves something to be desired (see Honey, Into The Blue & Good Luck Chuck) but when it comes to being nekkid, Jessica has got the tish down. Her face, her smile and her body are sheer perfection.

    Magazine shoots must be a breeze considering they barely have to airbrush this stunner, and movie sets that she’s on must have sticky floors. Miss Alba has the perfect genetic make up.

    Best bikini bodies

    There you have it; the hottest of the hottest. Stay tuned for the hottest male bodies in Hollywood… feel free to make suggestions by leaving your comments.

    Your Personal Budget

    By Vanessa Cohen

    Do you live from day to day and paycheck to paycheck? Do you wait to get paid so that you can pay off your current debts? If you said yes to one or both of these questions, chances are you’ve never dated a personal budget. It’s time to start the love affair.

    It’s important to not only date a personal budget; you’re going to need to marry one at some point. A personal budget will help you keep track of your money and figure out exactly how you managed to spend $3,000 in one month and why you have nothing to show for it.

    Here’s how to start budgeting your money; and don’t worry, I’m not going to bust out any technical lingo on you. It’s best to simplify your expenses per month so that you end up sticking to it.

    Budget breakdown by month

    Personal budget tip #1

    How much do you earn per month after taxes? I know it might feel like the taxman takes all of it away, but you do get something at the end of the day. This is the number that helps you pay everything off.

    And if you do some freelance work for cash on the side, this also counts toward your income.

    Personal budget tip #2
    Credit cards

    Ah, the wonderful piece of plastic that manages to put many of us in a state of despair when that bill arrives in the mail. And without a budget, it’s quite possible that your credit cards are taking you to a place well above your means.

    If you can’t pay off the entire amounts on your credit cards every month, pay as much as you can without suffering for the rest of the month. And opt to pay off more of the higher interest rate cards.

    Personal budget tip #3

    When it comes to your car, just about anything can and will go wrong. When you budget your car payment, you need to leave a little extra cash for it just in case the brakes need changing or some jackass rear ends you.

    As well, good old gas is costing an arm and a leg nowadays, and although you may not be able to pinpoint exactly how much you’ll need to give the guzzler, you can work out an estimate based on past experiences. From this point forward, keep all your gas purchases for the month in order so that you can work out a more precise number.

    Personal budget tip #4
    Home & amenities

    Whether you rent or own, there’s money to be paid. Calculate your monthly rent or mortgage, phone bill, cable, electricity, and toiletries.

    Again, it would be a smart move to leave a little extra money in this category just in case something goes wrong and you need to call the plumber over to fix your leak (I know it sounds perverse, but I‘m being serious).

    And if you notice that your phone bill or toiletries purchases are out of control, find out what’s costing you so much and adjust accordingly. Do you really need voice mail? Is the $25 shampoo that much better than, say, the drugstore brand?

    Personal budget tip #5
    Cell phone
    Although you may think of your cell phone as a “barely there” expense, if you look over your bill, you’ll notice that there are charges there and costs incurred that you could change in order to save a few bucks.

    If you constantly text message, then get a package deal that features that. If you spend most of your day on the phone, then find a package that offers you a great deal on daytime minutes.

    And start looking over your bill with a fine-tooth comb; you may be getting charged for things you aren’t even using.

    Personal budget tip #6
    Home insurance, car insurance and even life insurance are a necessary evil in your life (evil, that is, until you need it). To lower the cost of your insurance, shop around. You might be able to lower your insurance costs by 15%, and that’s a significant number considering you could be paying upwards of $1,000 a year. That’s an extra $150 in your pocket.

    Budget your insurance costs on a monthly basis even if you pay it in one lump sum at the beginning of every year. That way you can put this amount aside every month.

    Personal budget tip #7

    Food glorious food! From grocery shopping to having sushi with the girls, if you have monthly habits that involve food, then you need to budget for them.

    If you go out for dinner once a week, place that in this category. If you entertain once a month, place that in this category. And when you shop for groceries and your cat, Frisker, all that also goes into this category.

    You may decide that you eat out way too often or that you don’t really need to buy cheesecake every time you head to Price Chopper. The numbers don’t lie (and neither do the freakin’ calories).

    Personal budget tip #8

    I know you wouldn’t imagine that savings are an expense, but they should be because you need to set aside a given amount (no less than $100) each month and place it into a savings account that offers high interest and will penalize you if you withdraw any cash.

    Saving money is important, even if you’re young. Start saving today, even if the amount is less than $100 a month, at least you’re putting forth the effort to have something left should life throw a monkey wrench your way.

    Budget your money, lady

    A budget will help you become more responsible with your money and may even alter your spending habits. You need to develop this skill at some point, so why not start today?

    Once you have a money plan in action, the world will become your oyster. And yes, the oyster will contain plenty of pearls.

    9 Signature Scents: Women’s Perfume

    By Danielle Lemay

    In the days of yore, people would take baths once a year (and those were the rich ones) and everyone smelled of natural musk and full on urine. Nowadays, we have the luxury of showering daily and spraying on fabulous perfumes that make us even more appealing.

    But what is your signature scent? Does it have notes of fruit, musk or herbs? Is it an assertive scent or does it carry more subtle notes?

    No matter what your preferred scent, it is recommended to switch up your perfume every few months in order to keep abreast of the newly available aromas, or simply to keep those around you guessing what you will do next.

    Perfume, like most other things in your life, gives off hints about your personality and should reflect who you are. That said, take a look at some great new scents and some good old mainstays, and give your body a splash of something new.

    Signature scent #1
    Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo
    If you’re a sucker for packaging, you’d buy this perfume just on looks alone. Luckily, there’s more to it than that. This ultra-feminine, fruity-scented perfume contains hints of jasmine, passion fruit, honeysuckle, and musk.

    Best time to wear it: On a beautiful spring day, when you’re heading out to brunch with the girls.

    Signature scent #2
    Stella by Stella McCartney
    Blending intense femininity with even more intense sensuality, Stella contains hints of rose, amber and peony flower. This perfume is outrageously sexy but sophisticated, and will linger long after you’ve left the room.

    Best time to wear it: When you’re out on a third hot date with that man you’ve been dying to let in.

    Signature scent #3
    Burberry Classic by Burberry

    Around since 1996, this classic perfume, as the name implies, offers up a clean and sensual scent that isn’t overpowering yet overtakes the senses in a positive way. With notes of vanilla, black currant, green apple, and peach, you will smell freshly showered all day long.

    Best time to wear it: When you’re about to ask for that promotion you’ve worked so hard for.

    Signature scent #4
    Pink Jasmine by Fresh

    An incredibly romantic scent, Pink Jasmine covers the wearer in hints of jasmine, peony, lilac, red orange, marshmallow, and precious woods. So if soft floral fragrances are your cup of tea, drink this one up (not literally, of course).

    Best time to wear it: Take it with you to an outdoor, afternoon wedding.

    Signature scent #5
    Clean by Dlish
    If you love nothing more than that “fresh out of the shower” smell, then you have landed on the perfect eau de toilette. Clean will remind you of the scent of pure soap, but as it lightens up, you will smell, quite simply, clean. Notes include sweet lime, pink grapefruit, rose geranium, and orange.

    Best time to wear it: On those days when you need that extra little boost of confidence.

    Signature scent #6
    Narciso Rodriguez For Her

    Voted one of the best perfumes for women by Allure magazine, this velvety scent is both soft and sensual, and contains traces of honey flower, tactile wood and amber. Spritz yourself with this corporeal scent and watch as men begin to give you that “look.”

    Best time to wear it: On a Saturday night, when you’ve got your dancing shoes on.

    Signature scent #7
    I Love Love by Moschino

    With its fresh, citrus scent, I Love offers up a sophisticated yet ultra feminine sensation. An easy reminder of warm, sunny days, this grapefruit, orange, lemon, and cinnamon based perfume will make you feel fresh all day long.

    Best time to wear it: On a sunny afternoon when you’re riding in your drop top.

    Signature scent #8
    212 by Carolina Herrera

    The best way to describe 212 is to call it “confident.” The wearer of this perfume is ultra-confident and enjoys the scent of gardenias, mandarins, white lilies, sandalwood, and, of course, musk. An amazing combination of florals and musk, 212 can be worn day or night and from summer well into winter.

    Best time to wear it: When you’re done going down the slopes and heading out to an après-ski get together.

    Signature scent #9
    Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

    A subtle yet very effective scent, Light Blue offers traces of green apple, musk, bamboo, jasmine, and cedar wood, among others. For any woman who wants to leave a lasting impression, D&B has you covered.

    Best time to wear it: When you’re meeting your honey at a café for an early breakfast.

    Signature scent for a woman

    Having a few bottles of perfume, each providing a very distinct scent, is always good for those times when you’re in the mood for something different. And if you’re anything like me, that will happen quite often.

    So, who will you be today? When you decide, one of the perfumes above is sure to cover you.

    8 Ways To Be Happy

    By Alicia Socorro

    Do you know someone who is always in a good mood? Does it get on your nerves? Yeah, me too. But being happy is important for many reasons, but, above and beyond all else, it’s important if you want to have a better quality of life. Don’t you want to be happy?

    If you’re consistently complaining or on edge, how comfortable do you really feel in your own skin? How comfortable can others possibly feel around you if everything is negative or upsets you?

    It’s time to get a grip on your emotions and turn anger and frustration into happiness. Of course, you won’t become Mary Poppins come tomorrow morning, but you may start looking at your life in a new, more positive fashion. And although it may take some time, you can be happy, and love life.

    How to be happy tip #1
    Make time for you

    How often do you sit alone in a quiet room and think? If you’re like most women, there’s a good chance that it’s not often at all.

    It’s important to spend time by yourself without zoning out to the television. Most of us arrive home, turn on the TV, have dinner, talk to family and friends, and go to bed without having even reflected on ourselves. Is that any way to be happy?

    And you don’t have to meditate to be effective; read a book you’ve been eyeing, lie down and close your eyes for five minutes, or soak in a hot bath for 20 minutes. You don’t need to be alone for hours on end, but making yourself a priority for a little while each day will help you become more satisfied with your life, not to mention be happy about what you do have going for you.

    How to be happy tip #2
    Smile at everyone

    I live in a metropolitan area where smiling at strangers makes you certifiable, but I do it anyway, and more and more, I notice that people feel good about it and most return the small favor.

    If you smile, you will instantly feel better and make those around you feel better, thus filling your surroundings with a positive vibe.

    Whether it’s people you see every day during your commute or someone you’ve never seen before at Starbuck’s, smile your pretty little face off and spread the goodness. If you want to be happy, perhaps you should start acting happy.

    How to be happy tip #3
    Eat right

    Believe it or not, too much sugar, greasy foods and hydrogenated fats can leave you feeling depressed. If you don’t get any raw food in your diet and consistently eat fast food, it may have a serious impact on your moods.

    Adding Omega 3 to your diet via fish, flaxseed or even a supplement, may help to ward off depression, according to a study conducted by Dr. Joseph Hibbeln of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    As well, fresh fruit like bananas and strawberries also provide necessary vitamins to keep your serotonin levels up and allowing you to be happy.

    And you’ll be happy to know that chocolate is on that list, however, I strongly recommend you consume (70% or higher) dark chocolate rather than milk or white chocolate (it’s healthier) and even then, consume it in moderation.

    How to be happy tip #4
    On so many levels, being active is so good for you. It will help you reshape your body, thus making you feel better about yourself and resulting in, you guessed it, happiness. When you feel confident about your body, you will be happy, no doubt.

    But there’s more; exercising releases serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and endorphins, natural chemicals in the body that boost mood. If you’ve never heard of “runner’s high,” the theory is based on the fact that after rigorous exercise, runners feel this euphoric sensation come over them.

    So commit yourself to a 30-minute walk every single day (at the very least), and you will begin to feel and look better, and be happy.

    How to be happy tip #5
    Get orgasmic
    If you’ve never experienced orgasm, it’s no wonder you’ve been moody… just kidding. But orgasm results in the body’s release of oxytocin, a chemical that causes the release of endorphins, ultimately helping you to be happy. Although some would argue that getting laid in general would pretty much take care of that whole happiness issue.

    Regular orgasm is good for the body and for your mood, just keep in mind that you need to play it safe and use protection if you are not in a monogamous relationship and do not want to spend half the month wondering if you’re pregnant. That would not help you to be happy.

    How to be happy tip #6
    Get a pet
    If you are not an animal person or think that animals in the home are disgusting, then don’t get a pet. But if you’ve been debating whether or not to get a toy dog or a kitty cat, you may inadvertently be doing yourself a favor.

    Animals are innocent and are never intentionally malicious towards their owners. They love you unconditionally, and nothing will help you to be happy like coming home to a pet who adores you.

    Even if you’ve had the worst day of your life, spending a few minutes petting your animal will help to calm you down and realize that things aren’t really that bad.

    How to be happy tip #7
    Remind yourself how lucky you are
    If you lost a major account at work or you and your boyfriend had a huge fight and you’re wondering if this is the end of the road for you as a couple, take a minute and think about your situation.

    Sometimes we tend to be a little melodramatic and quickly conclude that our lives are so terrible, but upon further reflection, we realize that we’re actually quite lucky to be living where we do, to have our health, and to be loved by so many people.

    Although you might want to wallow in self-pity sometimes (and that’s okay), bring yourself back to reality and remind yourself that things could always be worse. If you want to be happy, you need to focus on all the good things in your life.

    How to be happy tip #8
    Calm down

    We spend our lives rushing through every day. We rush to work, we rush to eat lunch and get back to work, we rush home, and we rush through traffic.

    Take a minute, look away from the computer, count to 10, then inhale to a 4-count, letting your stomach protrude, and exhale. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

    There, don’t you feel calmer? Whenever you feel like your brain is overwhelmed with thoughts or that there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything, stop for one minute, breathe deep, and get back to what you were doing. You may realize that you’re freaking out for nothing. If you want to be happy, you need to put things in perspective.

    All women can be happy

    You can’t expect a man or money or anything else to help you be happy. You create and destroy your own happiness because what it all comes down to is your mindset.

    Now is your mind set on being pissed off all day, or would you rather be more pleasant and feel good about yourself? The choice is ultimately up to you.

    Remember: No one can make you angry or upset, you have control over your feelings. And you can choose to be happy.

    Spinning Classes

    By Lori Ryan

    The latest fat-burning craze is not a get-skinny-quick pill, nor is it a magical juice that will just peel off the pounds. It is a gut-wrenching but incredibly fun workout called spinning, and it is sweeping the nation.

    If you go to a gym regularly and have spotted a bunch of thin exercise bikes in one concentrated area, it’s probably because your gym offers spinning classes. And if you want to burn fat like never before, you should be signing up for spinning classes, and quickly.

    What is spinning?

    If you’ve ever ridden a bike outdoors and ridden an indoor stationary bike, you’d know that there’s a huge difference between the two, as an outdoor bike will sometimes take you uphill and through bumpy areas.

    Well, the bikes used in spinning classes look quite primitive compared to the bikes you usually see in gyms nowadays. Spinning bikes typically have a huge flywheel that looks deceptively harmless, but turning it from side to side is actually quite difficult to do.

    The momentum you get from the flywheel allows you to spin the pedals and get a phenomenal workout in the process. As well, you can position the seat and the handlebars any way you see fit to get the most out of your workout.

    What to expect at spinning classes

    Spinning classes are great for first timers, as well as experts. If it’s your first time, however, tell the instructor and he or she will help you adjust your bike, talk to you about hand movements and fill you in on the five core movements of spinning. They are:

    1- Seated flat
    While your butt remains on the seat, your hands are in Position 1, which means that they are directly in front of you, palms down, thumbs touching slightly, and holding onto the bar.

    This helps build strength and stamina, and allows you to develop a stronger fitness base.

    Speed: 80 to 110 rpm

    2- Standing flat
    A “standing run” of sorts, your butt stays off the seat while your feet pedal away. Your hands are in Position 2; your hands are less than shoulder-width apart and your wrists are in line with your elbows at all times.

    Speed: 80 to 110 rpm

    3- Jumps
    Usually performed by more advanced students, jumping involves periodically sitting and standing, all the while keeping your hands in Position 2 and moving in a fluid motion trying to keep the cadence on your legs the entire time.

    Speed: 80 to 110 rpm

    4- Seated climb
    With the objective of challenging your lower body (glutes , hamstrings, quadriceps), your hands remain in Position 2 and your butt stays on the seat at all times.

    Speed: 60 to 80 rpm

    5- Standing climb
    With your hands in Position 3 (place your hands on the most outward parts of the handlebars with your palms facing each other), keep your butt off the seat and pedal uphill.

    Speed: 60 to 80 rpm

    There is a lot to that you need to focus on, such as your heart rate, your breathing, your movement, and the instructor’s directions. Keep in mind, however, that if you feel overworked at any point, you should take a minute to regroup.

    What do you need to bring to spinning classes?

    Although you don’t need anything too complicated when joining spinning classes, there are a few items you may want to get your hands on beforehand.

  • Body-hugging clothing that will not get caught in the bike.
  • Padded cycling shorts or a gel seat cover is a great addition if your butt gets sore on the banana seat.
  • A heart rate monitor is great if you want to maximize the amount of calories you burn.

  • Calories burned in spinning classes

    The best part of spinning classes is how many calories you stand to burn in one 40-minute session - between 400 to 500 calories. That’s a whole lot more than you would burn just walking on a treadmill .

    Not to mention, your legs will become shapelier, thanks to the uphill climbs.

    So if you’re ready to try something new at the gym, consider joining spinning classes and before you know it, you’ll have buns and legs of steel.

    Gastric Bypass Surgery - The Pros & Cons

    By Tara Fraser

    Stomach stapling, or gastric bypass surgery, is a major surgical procedure performed on morbidly obese patients (at least 100 pounds overweight) who have tried other methods of weight loss and failed. While some may think of it as taking the “easy way out,” there are many cons to undergoing this procedure.

    What happens with gastric bypass surgery?

    A surgeon creates a pouch using the top part of the stomach (where it meets the esophagus) and this pouch can only hold between one to three ounces of food at a time. At the bottom of the pouch, an opening that is about ¾ inch wide is created to run directly to the small intestine. This allows the body to absorb vitamins and minerals ingested.

    This pouch starts off being able to accept only a tablespoon of food but eventually grows enough to be able to accept up to one cup of food, so patients who undergo this surgery will feel fuller much faster than they used to.

    Pros of gastric bypass surgery #1
    You’ll fit into average sizes

    You will no longer need to wear men’s clothes nor will you have to shop at specialty stores. You will be able to walk into any store in the mall and get yourself a great wardrobe.

    Pros of gastric bypass surgery #2
    You’ll feel more confident
    As the weight begins to drop, people will no longer look at you as though you’re abnormal and you can fit into society as just another woman who doesn’t need two seats on the bus.

    Pros of gastric bypass surgery #3
    You’ll lose weight fast

    If you undergo this surgery, you will lose weight drastically at first, and will eventually begin to lose approximately 10 pounds per month for up to 18 months.

    Pros of gastric bypass surgery #4
    You’ll lower your health risk factors
    By dropping the weight, you will reduce your risk of having Type II diabetes, heart failure and other serious ailments associated with being morbidly obese.

    Pros of gastric bypass surgery #5
    You’ll make lifestyle changes

    Because you’ll be losing weight so quickly, your energy levels will rise because you have less weight to lug around. And you will be required to watch what you eat, how much you eat, and will need to follow an exercise regime.

    Cons of gastric bypass surgery #1
    You may need aesthetic surgery

    Drastic weight loss may result in your skin’s loss of elasticity. If skin begins to droop from your thighs or your stomach, surgery is required to resolve the problem.

    Cons of gastric bypass surgery #2
    You can’t eat more than one cup

    Most people who end up morbidly obese don’t become that way because they were hungry all the time. Usually, it’s a case of emotional eating, and although your stomach might be telling you it’s full, your brain may be telling you to eat, and it might be difficult for you to make the mind/body connection right away.

    Cons of gastric bypass surgery #3
    You may experience complications
    Although the surgery is considered relatively safe, sometimes it may lead to further complications including internal bleeding, infections and respiratory problems. Make sure you go over the procedure and possible issues that may arise with your surgeon before deciding to go through with it.

    Cons of gastric bypass surgery #4
    You’ll pay $15,000 to $20,000 US

    If the gastric bypass surgery is not covered by your insurance, this procedure could cost a pretty penny. And unless the chances of your dying are quite high, insurance companies usually won’t cover the expense.

    Celebrities who had gastric bypass surgery

    You’ve certainly heard of obese celebrities who underwent this type of surgery, such as Star Jones, Roseanne Barr, Carnie Wilson, Randy Jackson, and Al Roker. And what you may have noticed is that most of them didn’t become “skinny.” The reason for that is because they didn’t dedicate themselves to an exercise and diet regime.

    Al Roker made significant changes in the way he looked because he was committed to keeping the weight off, but if you see him now, it looks as though his stomach managed to stretch out and he’s back to his old habits.

    Keep in mind that it is rare for anyone to acquire something easily and appreciate it.

    So before you decide that gastric bypass surgery is right for you, make sure that you’re ready both mentally and physically to make the necessary changes to stay healthy for life.

    David Beckham

    David Beckham Vital Stats

    Birth Name: David Robert Joseph Beckham
    Birth Date: May 2, 1975
    Birth Place: Leytonstone, London
    Height: 5’11½”
    Romantic Link: Victoria Beckham

    David Beckham Interesting Facts

    In January 2006, David signed a 4-year deal worth $41 million (US) to play for Real Madrid.

    David wears a new pair of soccer shoes for every game he plays at an estimated cost of $500 a pair.

    The $250 million that David Beckham stands to earn as part of the Los Angeles Galaxy is actually an estimated total of his salary and endorsements.

    David Beckham Biography

    Born in Leytonstone, London on May 2, 1975, David Robert Joseph Beckham seemed destined to play soccer. His mom, Sandra West, was a hairdresser and his father, Ted Beckham, was a gas fitter’s assistant, and David was raised with two sisters, Lynne and Joanne, one was older, the other younger.

    Growing up, David would watch games in which his dad would participate and spent the better part of his childhood begging his father to let him play on the team. Of course, his dad forbade the then too young David to compete against grown men.

    Beckham loves Manchester United

    A huge Manchester United fan, due in part to his father, David’s grandfather (Ted’s dad) was a huge fan of the Man U. rival Arsenal. And although his grandfather consistently tried to sway him, David stuck to his guns and remained loyal to Man U.

    Growing up, David played a host of sports, including baseball, basketball and rugby, but nothing came close to making him as passionate as he was about playing soccer. And it was at age 8 that David got the opportunity to display his talents as a soccer player.

    Upon joining the Ridgeway Rovers of the Enfield District League, David quickly became the club’s most impressive player, as he controlled the ball and his movements with ease.

    At age 11, Beckham signed up to play in a nationwide competition called Bobby Charlton's Soccer Skills Tournament. David came out on top by scoring the most goals ever in the competition and his prize was a 2-week trip to the Nou Camp Stadium in Barcelona, Spain, with English Soccer Manager Terry Venables.

    Beckham plays for Man U.

    Doubtless, as Beckham neared adulthood, soccer clubs got into a fierce recruiting war over the budding star, but his heart remained with Manchester United, who came knocking when Beckham was all of 12 years old.

    Every year up until he was 16, Beckham spent his summers practicing with Manchester. In 1991, David Beckham signed with Man U. as a trainee.

    As part of Manchester’s junior team, Beckham and his team earned the FA Youth Cup in 1992. And although they came close to landing the Cup again in 1993, it wasn’t meant to be that time around.

    In 1994, Beckham was loaned out to Preston North End, a third-division club, and after proving how fantastic he was in four games with the team, Manchester U. quickly recalled him.

    Beckham finally got his chance to take the field with Man U., and although the team didn’t do well that year, Beckham felt as though he had finally “arrived.”

    Beckham wins FA Cup in 1996

    Impressing everyone in his 1995-1996 season, Man U. managed to make its way to the league title and win the FA Cup, despite claims that it would be a terrible season for the team.

    1996-1997 was an even greater season for Beckham, as he was named the Young Player of the Year and solidified his position on England’s national team. It was that season in March that David met Victoria Adams (a.k.a. Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice). The two hit it off and were married during a lavish $800,000 ceremony on July 4, 1999, and have since had three sons together (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz).

    With much more media glare thanks to his newfound relationship and multi-million dollar endorsement deals (most notably from Adidas), David Beckham looked like he was really enjoying the spotlight. And for diehard fans of the sport, it seemed like his on-field talent had begun to dissipate.

    Beckham’s World Cup mistake

    Things went from bad to worse when, during the 1998 World Cup in France, Beckham was red flagged for kicking an Argentinean player and his team ultimately lost the game. When Beckham began his 1998-1999 season back home, his once adoring fans heckled him for messing up at the World Cup.

    It was during this season, however, that Beckham and his team managed to snag the Premiership, FA Cup and European Cup. But even after he was voted Best Midfielder and Most Valuable Player, fans still wouldn’t let his World Cup mess up go.

    It was in the 1999-2000 season that the heckling had begun to take its toll on Beckham; he was fined for two weeks for partying the night before a game, he shaved his head, and he and manager Alex Ferguson began feuding.

    Beckham becomes highest paid

    After being quickly eliminated from the 2000 Euro Cup, Beckham, who was now the captain of the England team, returned for the 2000-2001 season with a more positive attitude. Opponents took notice and began to target David during play, which resulted in his having many scoreless games.

    By the end of 2001, Beckham felt he had proven himself worthy of a raise and became the highest-paid player in The Theater of Dreams (Old Trafford). Of course, considering his fan base all over the world, there was no doubt that Man U. made their money back in spades.

    During his 2001-2002 season, Beckham broke a bone in his left foot and doctors were worried that he wouldn’t heal in time for the 2002 World Cup. Luckily, Beckham healed in time to play and although England didn’t bring home the cup, Beckham returned a hero in his fans’ eyes once again.

    Beckham joins Real Madrid

    And Beckham rode this adoration into the 2002-2003 season when he helped his team win the league. But it was as this season wound down that speculation about where Beckham would head next that really grabbed headlines.

    In 2003, Real Madrid’s club president Florentino Perez set his sights on the media sweetheart and in June, the announcement was made: David Beckham would be making the move to the super club that already had Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, and Ronaldo, at a transfer fee of $41.3 million dollars.

    Unfortunately for Beckham, critics would not accept him easily and he was forced to prove himself worthy of such a steep price tag. And Beckham did just that by playing his heart out throughout the 2003-2004 season, even though his club finished fourth.

    David Beckham & Rebecca Loos

    In April 2004, the media began reporting that Beckham was having an affair with his kids’ nanny, Rebecca Loos. Soon, another woman, model Sarah Marbeck, also came forward making the same claim. This had a profound effect on David, and the man who was once open to taking photographs and signing autographs had now begun to shy away from the paparazzi and fans.

    Although Beckham did his best to focus on the 2004 Euro Cup, his team succumbed to losses against France and Portugal. And his 2004-2005 season with Real wasn’t so hot, either; they finished second behind Barcelona.

    His 2005-2006 season wasn’t much better, as Beckham was sent off the field more often than ever, and during the qualifying rounds for the 2006 World Cup, Beckham became the first English captain ever to be sent off the field.

    Beckham resigns as captain

    Unfortunately, Beckham was injured during the quarter-final game against Portugal, in which England was eliminated. The day after the loss, Beckham officially resigned as England’s captain, but still plans to remain part of the team.

    With the pretty penny David Beckham has made via soccer and sponsorship deals, he has bought multi-million dollar homes in Britain and The Palm in Jumeirah (Dubai). The couple also own 10 cars, which include Bentleys, Aston Martins and four Ferraris.

    Beckham became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in January 2005, because he supported the charity for a number of years.

    Beckham joins Los Angeles Galaxy

    After living outside London with his family in what has been dubbed “Beckingham Palace” with their two dogs, Snoopy and Puffy, Beckham signed a 5-year, $250 million deal to play for the MLS’ Los Angeles Galaxy and moved to Los Angeles indefinitely with his family.

    IMDb.com - David Beckham

    Lead In Lipsticks

    By Rosy Saadeh

    Believe it or not, there are lipsticks on the market that are slowly killing you. A study, conducted by the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics tested 33 different lipsticks and discovered that L'Oreal had the highest levels of lead.

    If that weren't scary enough, one-third of the lipsticks tested exceeded the 0.1 ppm FDA lead limit for candy.

    L'Oreal and Maybelline NY were found to contain 0.65 of lead ppm; safety levels cap off at 0.1 ppm. Now, while the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) claim that "the levels of lead that have been found in cosmetics are minimal and its presence is not a health hazard," I will not be using lipstick anytime in the near future.

    And if you know what's good for you, you wouldn't either.

    Here are the leading lipstick brands that contained the most lead:

  • L'Oreal Colour Riche “True Red” – 0.65 ppm
  • L'Oreal Colour Riche “Classic Wine” – 0.58 ppm
  • Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor “Maximum Red” – 0.56 ppm
  • Christian Dior Addict “Positive Red” – 0.21 ppm

  • If you want to urge L'Oreal to change the way they make their lipsticks, write to them by clicking here.