Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Janet Jackson Breasts

I like Janet Jackson's old stuff; "Control," "Miss You Much," "That's the Way Love Goes," and so on, but her new stuff really sucks eggs. Fortunately, she's been keeping us busy with nude images of herself sunbathing and her weight fluctuations.

Recently, however, I noticed that JJ's breasts seem to be looking pretty damn weird. It's as though they're trying to defy gravity but are losing the battle.

Menstruation Home Remedies

By Samantha Everett

Being a woman in a man’s world is tough enough as it is; throw in hormonal imbalances, cramps and unwanted bathroom breaks, and it makes life that much bitchier.

But life doesn’t have to stop because of your period; it is possible to have it and feel great the entire time. If you encounter common aches and pains when it comes to your menstrual cycle, perhaps there are certain products in your home that can cure what ails you.

From menstrual cramps to tender breasts, check out some simple menstruation home remedies that will help keep your beautiful body in its finest form, especially when it’s that time of the month.

FACTOID: A woman will have approximately 500 periods in her lifetime.

Menstruation home remedies #1
Missed periods

If your menstrual cycle is somewhat temperamental, it is widely believed that parsley can cure what ails you.

A diet consistent in parsley can aid in menstrual regularity due to the fact that it contains an oily liquid called apiol (pronounced ah-pee-oll).

Apiol was believed to cause abortions, according to Hippocrates, and it is believed that, if taken in high doses, pure crystalline apiol may cause liver and kidney damage. But if you get your apiol via the parsley route, there’s nothing to fear.

As well, you can increase your chances of having regular periods by combining your parsley intake with beets or beet juice, which is also believed to promote liver function and regulate periods.

Menstruation home remedies #2
Menstrual cramps

After each meal, add a piece of pounded fresh ginger and a tad of sugar or honey to a cup of hot water, and drink it. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce clotting and alleviate menstrual pains almost immediately.

You can also try taking an over-the-counter medication that contains ibuprofen or aspirin.

And although it may be the last thing you want to do, exercise actually reduces cramping, so you might want to head to the gym if you begin to feel achy. If the gym is not your friend, do your best to walk ½ a mile every day.

If you don’t get enough B vitamins and magnesium from your diet, take a supplement that contains them because it is believed that they help the liver metabolize estrogen. And as much as you’re dying for French fries and burgers, try to resist them, as fried foods end up blocking the body’s ability to absorb magnesium.

Menstruation home remedies #3
Bloating/water retention
Although you may have a craving for salt more so during your period, it is imperative that you avoid salt if you want to keep from getting bloated and retaining water.

You also want to avoid alcohol because it has a dehydrating effect on the body and results in the retention of water.

If you just couldn’t resist those salty chips and begin to regret it a few hours later, drink some dandelion tea, which is believed to eliminate excess salt and sodium from the body.

Menstruation home remedies #4
Excessive bleeding

Add some coriander and sugar or honey (no more than a teaspoon) to boiled water and drink this concoction about twice a day. Coriander helps to increase liver function and enhance digestion.

But don’t just rely on coriander to save the day; excessive bleeding could be a sign of something more serious. If this is a constant problem during or between your menstrual cycles, make an appointment with your gynecologist right away to discuss the issue.

Menstruation home remedies #5
Do your best to eat foods high in fiber, such as raw vegetables and fruits, beans, and whole-grain foods. You should be getting upwards of 30 grams of fiber a day.

Drink lots of water, it helps to flush your system of toxins and aids in relieving gas and constipation.

Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than three squares. By giving your stomach a little bit of food at a time, your stomach and intestines don’t need to work as hard to digest the food and get it to the exit.

Take about 25 to 50 milligrams of vitamin B6, as it acts as a mild diuretic and will keep you from harboring excess gas in your tummy.

Menstruation home remedies #6
Body aches
Lower back problems are a common complaint for most women who are menstruating and the best way to beat the pain is by applying a heating pad directly to the area.

Of course, a good old warm bath and a deep tissue massage can work wonders as well. So get your man to work on that.

Menstruation home remedies #7
Tender breasts
Many women complain about tender and sensitive breasts right before or during their periods. Applying vitamin E directly on the sensitive area should help to alleviate the sensation.

Taking a supplement that includes vitamin A, the B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, iodine, and selenium can also alleviate tenderness.

Lastly, you’re probably not going to be happy reading this, but caffeine actually aggravates breasts tissue and contributes to the problem. If you can, try to avoid caffeine or at least cut down on it during your menses.

Menstruation home remedies

You can always find a cure for what ails you right at home, but do not live and die by home remedies; see your gynecologist and discuss your issues to get a better understanding of what’s going on inside your body.

If your doctor suggests that you go the home remedy route, then that’s what you should do, but I strongly recommend that you let him decide rather than decide for yourself.

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal's boy player who would be king has already been crowned myriad times by smitten women worldwide. Even if you don't like soccer, you definitely have your eyes on a soccer player or two; Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those players for sure. Not only is he beautiful, he's got a body that even a sculptor couldn't create. He's young, rich and gorgeous, 3 things that most women have an easy time accepting.

Clive Owen

Clive Owen Vital Stats
Birth Name:
Clive Owen
Birth Date: October 3, 1964
Birth Place: Keresley, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Height: 6’2½”
Romantic Link: Sarah-Jane Fenton

Clive Owen Interesting Facts

From 2001 to 2002, Clive Owen did a series of commercials for BMW, playing the mysterious driver.

Clive Owen is such a huge David Bowie fan that in the ‘70s, he’d dye his hair whatever color Bowie was sporting at the time.

Clive Owen Biography

Born on October 3, 1964, in Coventry, England, Clive Owen, his four brothers (Gary, Alan and Lee were older, and Scott was younger) and mother were abandoned by his country music singer dad when Clive was all of 3 years old.

Soon after, Clive’s mother remarried and he was lucky enough to have a father figure to look up to (especially considering his dad didn’t resurface until Clive was 19 years old).

Clive Owen in Oliver!

As a child, Clive attended Binley Park Comprehensive School and was a good student… up until the acting bug bit him, that is. From the moment Clive starred in a stage play of Oliver!, he knew he wanted to become an actor.

Unfortunately for him, when asked by his teacher what he wanted to do with his life, Clive told her he wanted to be an actor, at which point she encouraged the entire class to laugh at him (and who’s laughing now, I wonder).

Clive rejects acting school

At 13 years old, Clive joined a youth theater and put all his energy into it, leaving his schooling to suffer by the wayside. After receiving zeros in all his classes except for English, Clive was about ready to dump school altogether. And even though a teacher saw his potential and encouraged him to continue his studies in drama school, Owen resisted.

The teacher did, however, land Owen an audition at Mountview School in London, and even purchased his train ticket to get there. Unfortunately, although Mountview accepted Owen as a student, Clive was a firm believer that acting couldn’t be taught and turned down the acceptance.

Unfortunately, the next two years would prove to be terrible for Owen, as he was unable to land an acting job, and he spent that time playing pool and waiting for the acting dry spell to pass.

Clive in Twelfth Night

Finally, in 1984, Owen decided that perhaps education wasn’t such a bad idea and enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London where he was taught alongside Ralph Fiennes and Gary Oldman.

After graduating in 1987, Owen joined the Young Vic Theater and began appearing in stage plays like Twelfth Night and The Cat And The Canary. It was in the stage play for Romeo and Juliet, however, where Owen, who was playing the lead, met and fell in love with Sarah-Jane Fenton, who was, fittingly enough, playing Juliet.

By 1988, Owen was landing steady work in movies like Vroom and Boon. After doing some very successful TV work between 1989 and 1993, Owen decided to move to the U.S. in order to land roles in American films.

Clive in The Rich Man’s Wife

His first American role was that of Devin O’Neil in TV’s Class of ’61. Every role he selected after that was radically different from the other for fear of being typecast.

In March 1995, Clive Owen married his Juliet and the two have since had two daughters, Hannah and Eve.

By 1996, Owen starred alongside Halle Berry in The Rich Man’s Wife. Although the film itself wasn’t very successful, audiences took notice of Owen.

In 1997’s Bent, Owen played Max, a gay man who gets sent to a concentration camp under the Nazi regime.

Clive Owen as Croupier

It was 1998’s Croupier, however, that really left Clive Owen’s name lingering on every woman’s lips. Playing casino croupier Jack Manfred, this very stylish film showed off exactly how appealing and seductive Owen could be.

Owen made a return to television from 1999 to 2000, starring as DCI Ross Tanner in the mini-series Second Sight.

Throughout 2001 and 2002, Owen starred in a series of BMW short films, in which he played the mysterious driver. It was in 2001 that Owen also landed a role in the Oscar-award winning Gosford Park, starring with Helen Mirren, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Phillippe.

Clive star in The Bourne Identity

Next for Owen was The Bourne Identity in 2002, where he played The Professor out to kill Matt Damon’s character Jason Bourne.

All this success gave Owen the time he needed to develop his own projects, including 2003’s I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, about an ex-enforcer who gets sucked back into a life of crime after his brother is driven to suicide by a crime boss, played by Malcolm McDowell.

Also in 2003, Owen starred alongside Angelina Jolie in the drama Beyond Borders. Although Owen’s role is an unforgettable one, the movie did not do well at the box office.

Sexy Clive in Closer

2004 saw Owen starring in very recognizable movies Arthur, in which he had the title role and starred with the very beautiful Keira Knightley, and Closer, with an all star cast that included Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Jude Law.

Another successful year had just passed and more success was to come. In 2005, Clive Owen starred in two highly-anticipated films: Sin City and Derailed. Owen admits that he admires his Derailed costar Jennifer Aniston for having stuck with scheduled filming of the latter movie, even though she was going through a heavily publicized divorce to Brad Pitt at the time.

2006 proved to be yet another wildly successful year. Although the rumors that he would be selected as the next James Bond ran rampant, the role actually went to Daniel Craig. Nevertheless, Owen was quite busy with starring roles in Inside Man and The Children Of Men.

Clive Owen in The International

2007 was also another busy year for Owen, as he starred in Shoot ‘Em Up, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

But Clive is far from ready to take a rest, 2008 has him starring in The International and The Boys Are Back in Town, and 2009 confirms that Owen can be seen in the sequel to Sin City.

IMDb.com - Clive Owen

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Adrian Grenier

If you haven't yet watched an episode of HBO's Entourage, you're missing out. Adrian Grenier is the actor who would be king and gets followed around by his friends, one of which became his manager, another who happens to be his brother and the final one who just drives him around.

The show is fun and Adrian is pretty easy on the eyes with his dark, kinky hair and eyes that could light up the sky.

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Oprah Winfrey Toes

Now seriously, either Oprah Winfrey is rocking 6 toes on one foot, or she actually has foot fat - something I, for one, have never heard of before. Oprah is always beautiful when she's made up right, but it seems her people let her sixth toe run free and now the world knows Oprah's secret: she's the 6-toe bandit. Not to mention her massive bunyons. Gross.

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Karolina Kurkova Cellulite

We have all seen Karolina Kurkova put on a pair of wings and walk the Victoria's Secret runway in her bra and underwear. And most of us let out a sigh of despair as our boyfriend's looked at her with more desire than a fat guy at a buffet.

Hopefully, it may comfort you to know that, although she's a 10 in most men's books, Karlina is not perfect and has been plagued with the same crap as most of us: cellulite. That's right ladies, you go out and celebrate your orange peel ass off; you are not alone; even the top of the line models have to deal with it. Enjoy.

December 28, 2007 - Entertainment News

Mischa Barton got busted for DUI; somebody's needs some publicity. (Egotastic)

Seems Jessica Alba is engaged now that she's pregnant. (dListed)

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are engaged to be married as well. (Gossip Girls)

Sean Penn and Robin Wright are getting divorced. (IDLYITW)

Edward Norton is in The Incredible Hulk. (ICYDK)

Celebrity Flaw Of The Day - Cameron Diaz Acne

Cameron Diaz is a beautiful woman with legs longer than an anaconda. But at the end of the day, it is painfully obvious that makeup and Photoshop help make her flawless, because Cameron Diaz is plagued with acne, even in her thirties.

December 27, 2007 - Entertainment News

Paz Vega is still as beautiful as the day is long. (Hollywood Tuna)

Paris Hilton's grandfather, Barron Hilton, is giving away 97% of his billions to charity. Paris and Nicky must be huddled in a corner crying together. (dListed)

Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana, is one of the most famous women in the world right now. (Gossip Girls)

Brendan Fraser and his wife, Afton Smith, have announced that they're getting divorced after 9 years together. (Just Jared)

Kim Kardashian really loves the chocolatey men. (Drunken Stepfather)

8 Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid

By Vanessa Cohen

You finally decided to own some property because renting feels like you’re throwing money into the air. That’s great! Now all you have to do is head to the bank and apply for a mortgage, right?

Wrong. Before you decide to take on a mortgage, there are some very important measures you need to take beforehand. Too often, girlfriends of mine end up making mortgage mistakes that they’re unable to bounce back from.

That said, here are some mortgage mistakes you want to take note of before signing on the dotted line.

Mortgage mistakes #1
Not making sure you qualify

If you find the perfect home and want to make sure that the seller doesn’t keep the home on the market, why would he or she even bother if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to prove that you can at least close the sale with an approved mortgage loan?

Most sellers will ask for a letter from the lender (bank) to prove that you can afford their property. If you don’t have this letter, there’s a good chance that other bidders will get the home you want.

Mortgage mistakes #2
Not repairing your credit

Before you even bother applying for a mortgage, you need to check out your credit report to make sure that you’ll qualify. And if your credit isn’t good, you need to start making reparations.

The last thing you need is to get everything underway only to discover that you weren’t approved for a mortgage because of a simple mistake in your credit. And while you usually know whether or not your credit’s bad without having to ask for a report, with today’s heavy ID theft, you’d do best to check your credit annually.

Mortgage mistakes #3
Not shopping around

As born shoppers, we know that if we spend just a little extra time nosing around other places, we’ll eventually find what we’re looking for at a price we can live with. Mortgages are no different.

When it comes to your mortgage, even if you have a banking institution that you always deal with, it will still bode well on you to shop around other banks to find out what their offers are. Never assume that you’ll be getting a better deal from your bank simply because you’ve been there for years.

Mortgage mistakes #4
Not planning for closing costs
The cost of a house is expensive, no doubt, but you have to plan for other costs that you probably aren’t even aware of yet. You need to start putting away upwards of 7% of the total cost of your home to pay these off.

Closing costs include title insurance, lawyer’s fees, taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and other lenders’ fees, so be prepared to dish out a little more when it comes time to move into your dream abode.

Mortgage mistakes #5
Not getting a professional inspection

Even if the previous owner swears up and down that he or she had the place inspected and everything is hunky dory, it’s probably best that you hire a professional from your end to perform an inspection (property, roof and termite).

Ask friends and family about inspectors and get the job done well before its time to move in. This will help you with your negotiating price, and when an inspector recommends that something should be done, the seller will be keener on doing it to close the sale. Do ensure that the repairs have been done however; never take the seller at their word.

Only in the case that you’re purchasing a new home complete with warranties on most or all equipment can you afford to bypass this step.

Mortgage mistakes #6
Not getting a lock-in rate in writing
If a mortgage company tells you they can lock in the rate they’re offering you, will you simply shake their hand and take their word for it? Of course not.

Anything that a lender promises you should be marked down in writing. What you want is a detailed document that states the interest rate, the program details and how long the lock-in rate will last.

Mortgage mistakes #7
Signing documents without reading

It goes without saying that you should never sign anything without reading it first, but when it comes to mortgage contracts, it’s understandable that there’s a whole lot of reading involved.

While it may be overwhelming, I strongly recommend that you request copies of all the loan papers that you have to sign a few days in advance so that you can look them over.

Do not expect to read them at the signing; there simply won’t be enough time to do that.

Mortgage mistakes #8
Borrowing more than you need

Taking out the biggest loan possible may sound like a smart thing to do considering there will be many surprise costs involved with buying a home, but doing so may end up leaving you unable to afford the very house you did all this for.

Nowadays, mortgages are incredibly easy to get, and although lenders are more than willing to let your overextend, it’s only because they know that most people would rather die than default on their mortgage payments.

Calculate exactly what you need and stick to it, otherwise you may be turning yourself into a prime candidate for foreclosure.

No mortgage mistakes for you

Buying a home is a very exciting time in a woman’s life, so don’t let it be clouded by negative energy and easily avoidable mistakes.

Do your homework and before you know it, you will be living it up in your new, beautiful digs.

6 High End Watches For Women

By August Gertz

Rings, necklaces and even bracelets go a long way in accessorizing your outfits, but there’s nothing quite like an original, high end watch to complete an already beautiful getup.

All women should own at least two watches: One for everyday use that looks sophisticated and unique; and one for special occasions that demonstrates your good taste and need to be original.

But not all watches are created equal; if you want to find the right watch, you need to shop around and hunt down exactly what you want and how much you want to spend.

These watches, of course, cost as much as a small car, but if you want a quality timepiece that leaves everyone around you oohing and aahing, then you’ll want to have one of these high end watches for women on your wrist.

By now, you’re well-acquainted with the likes of Burberry and Tissot; these watches, however, are rarer and more original. So if you want to be the envy of all your girlfriends and have a great conversation starter for the boys, you’ll want to look into getting your hands on one of the following high end watches for women.

High end watches for women #1
Piguet’s Lady Royal Oak watch
A very elegant, understated watch, only those who know good quality will recognize what a unique timepiece you have on your wrist. With a self-winding, stainless steel case and a black crocodile leather strap, it’s easy to see why this watch is in a class of its own.

Approximate cost: $11,500
Where to get it: AudemarsPiguet.com

High end watches for women #2
Cartier’s Pasha Seatimer
Owning a Cartier watch is like owning a penthouse suite in New York; it makes you the toast of the town. This breathtaking steel watch, complete with a “clou de Paris” black ceramic d├ęcor, black dial, Arabic numerals, and luminescent diamond-shaped rhodium-plated metal hands can stop traffic if it reflects off the sun just so. And although it’s water-resistant to 330 feet, I couldn’t imagine why any woman would keep this work of art on to go deep-sea diving.

Approximate cost: $5,500
Where to get it: Cartier.com

High end watches for women #3
Gucci’s 1500 series

Although Gucci is sometimes considered the watch for more mature women, the brand still manages to create certain watches that contain a dainty yet stern appeal. The 1500 series is the perfect example, with its thin steel bracelet that is deceptively sturdy. Although it is not water-resistant at all, this Swiss-made quartz watch blends elegance and style, and comes complete with a 2-year warranty.

Approximate cost: $800
Where to get it: Gucci.com

High end watches for women #4
Omega’s Double Eagle Chronometer

A strong, powerful watch with a stainless steel case and a 44-hour power reserve, Omega left no stone unturned when it designed this piece of sheer art. The white mother-pearl face and diamonds add a sophisticated touch, while the stainless steel bracelet can handle even the toughest wear and tear.

Approximate cost: $5,500
Where to get it: OmegaWatches.com

High end watches for women #5
Vacheron Constantin’s 1972 Medium Model, Paved Version

An asymmetrical watch is enough to start up an interesting conversation, but add some white gold, quartz movement, 270 brilliant cut diamonds (1.88 carat weight), and a satin strap, and you have yourself the perfect watch for any occasion. Beautifully and flawlessly constructed, Vacheron Constantin’s 1972 model is a timepiece that will last from one generation to the next.

Approximate cost: $14,300
Where to get it: Vacheron-Constantin.com

High end watches for women #6
Baume & Mercier’s Diamant

Set with 26 brilliant diamonds, a polished steel bracelet, and mother-of-pearl dial, this beautiful watch can be worn with business attire, as well as a sexy evening gown. And the oval crown set with one off-center diamond makes telling the time that much sweeter.

Approximate cost: $4,700
Where to get it: Baume-et-Mercier.com

High end watches for women

Finding the perfect watch is no easy task, especially considering most of us consider them an investment that we want to utilize for years to come, and perhaps even pass on to future generations. But with today’s level of sophisticated timepieces for women, there’s certainly no shortage of amazing high end watches for women to choose from.

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Matthew McConaughey

Okay, so finding pics of Matthew McConaughey without a shirt are a dime a dozen because the man is a freakin' nudist, but hey, can't we all just appreciate this MM moment? Whether he's pounding the bongos and smoking spliff or starring in the latest action thriller, good old Matt never disappoints with his abs of steel.

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Wentworth Miller

Wow, Wentworth Miller is leaving everyone guessing as to his sexual orientation, but I, for one, choose to believe he plays for our team. The Prison Break star has beautiful eyes, a perfect face, and a body you just want to rub up against for hours. The tattoos are fake, mind you, but I would take him in any package.

December 24, 2007 - Entertainment News

So Riley Giles tells the world that Lindsay Lohan is a sex fiend... hmm, I smell publicity stunt. Lindsay knows how to work up the bloggers. (Egotastic)

Michelle Rodriguez, along with Keifer Sutherland, will be spending her Christmas in jail this year. (dListed)

Katherine Heigl married her long-time boyfriend Josh Kelley on December 23, 2007. (Gossip Girls)

Ashlee Simpson's nose job made her prettier, no doubt, but it didn't make her smarter. (Celebrity Rumors)

Adam Levine is dating cocktail waitress, Rebecca Ginos, whom he had sex with the first night they met. And he's in complete lust with her. There's hope for us ordinary women yet. (Just Jared)

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Vincent Cassel

You've seen him in some movies but may not yet know his name, but Vincent Cassel is one of the great actors of our time. He's hot in an old school way and the fact that he's married to Monica Bellucci makes him even more appealing. So if you haven't spotted him in Ocean's Twelve or Eastern Promises, see them again and check out this fine man's acting.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Vital Stats
Birth Name: Scarlett Johansson
Birth Date: November 22, 1984
Birth Place: New York City, New York
Height: 5’4”
Romantic Link: Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett Johansson Interesting Facts

Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter. She is 3 minutes older.

Scarlett Johansson admits that she takes two HIV tests every year.

Scarlett Johansson Biography

Born in New York City, New York, on November 24, 1984, to parents Karsten and Melanie Sloan, Scarlett, who was named after Scarlet O’Hara from Gone With the Wind, knew that she would become an actress by the age of 3.

When she was only 7 years old, her mom took Scarlett and her siblings to an audition for a commercial, but much to Scarlett’s dismay, the agent was more interested in her twin brother than he was in her. This did not bode well with Scarlett and she would act out every time she was rejected for a commercial, which occurred often.

Scarlett at the Lee Strasberg Institute

Finally admitting to herself and her parents that she really wanted to act (not act out), Scarlett’s parents enrolled her at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute by the time she turned 8. Scarlett quickly stood out among her age group and began studying alongside the adults.

Almost immediately, Scarlett starred in an off-Broadway play entitled “Sophistry” with Ethan Hawke. She landed her first film role, albeit a tiny one, in Rob Reiner’s North, in 1994.

Only a year later, at 11, Scarlett starred alongside Sean Connery in the thriller Just Cause. It was also in 1995 that she graduated from the Institute.

Johansson stars in Lost in Translation

By 12, the roles began pouring in for Scarlett; she received critical acclaim playing the younger sister of a pregnant runaway in Manny & Lo. Then, at 14, Scarlett landed a role in Robert Redford’s The Horse Whisperer, impressing audiences worldwide by playing Grace MacLean, a girl who had her leg amputated after an unfortunate accident.

By 2001, Scarlett was incredibly busy shooting three movies: Ghost World, The Man Who Wasn’t There and An American Rhapsody. After making the unfortunate decision to star with David Arquette in Eight Legged Freaks in 2002, Scarlett made a life-altering decision when she starred as Charlotte in the Oscar award-winning film Lost in Translation, with Bill Murray, in 2003.

2004 saw Scarlett with a plate full of movies, including The Perfect Score, A Good Woman and In Good Company, the latter of which she starred with Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid.

Scarlett in Match Point & Scoop

In 2005, Scarlett would become Woody Allen’s muse and would star in two of his projects, both of which would receive critical acclaim. Match Point, in which Scarlett plays the object of a married man’s affections, shows a very sexy and erotic side to the actress. And Scoop, in which she starred with Hugh Jackman, shows her comedic side.

In 2006, Scarlett made some bold personal decisions; including posing nude alongside Keira Knightley on a cover shoot for the February issue of Vanity Fair. That same year, she opted to quit her two-year gig as the spokesperson for Calvin Klein and signed a multi-million dollar deal to become the face of L’Oreal.

And just for being naturally beautiful, Scarlett was chosen as Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive in October 2006, as well as FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World.

But while she was making bold moves behind the scenes, Scarlett managed to star alongside her then-boyfriend Josh Hartnett in the film The Black Dahlia and then alongside Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in The Prestige.

Scarlett as The Other Boleyn Girl

Still in her early 20s, Scarlett is far from making her mark in Hollywood; 2007 saw her starring in The Nanny Diaries, which didn’t fare very well in theaters. Look for Scarlett in 2008 in The Other Boleyn Girl, He’s Just Not That Into You and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Already booked for 2009’s The Spirit and Mary Queen of Scots, Scarlett shows no signs of slowing down.

On the personal front, Scarlett currently lives in New York and dating Ryan Reynolds. Hoping to become a double threat, Scarlett is in the midst of putting together a music album.

IMDb.com - Scarlett Johansson