How To Eat Sushi

By Joanne Redder

Since the beginning of the millennium, sushi has gained popularity among North Americans, with many indulging in the fish, rice and seaweed concoction at least once a month. But do you really know how to eat sushi?

But more often than not, most diners of Japanese art aren’t exactly sure what the etiquette is when it comes to ordering, eating and using sushi condiments.

That said, here’s a mini-lesson on how to eat sushi using chopsticks, what’s what when ordering, and what the extras are all about.

Separating sushi from maki

Sushi (or Nigiri)
Most people tend not to order sushi, but rather maki. Sushi is actually a piece of fish or seafood that lays on top of a rice ball and may or may not be held together by a slim piece of seaweed or nori.

Sashimi is a piece of fish or seafood that stands alone. If you ask for something that is more difficult to slice, such as lobster or crab, or if you’d like it spicy, chances are it may be bunched up on the side of your platter or placed in a small bowl.

Maki (or Norimaki)
Maki is usually the most popular option for sushi eaters. The pieces vary from small --containing just fish and rice -- to mouth fillers -- wherein they contain fish, rice, and other fillers like cucumber, crispy tempura, avocado, sushi mayonnaise and more.

Maki may have the seaweed on the outside or on the inside, leaving the rice as the outer layer, making for a different look, but with the same great taste.

Hand rolls (or Temaki)
Hand rolls resemble ice cream cones; they come to a point on one side and open up, showing off the filling on the other.

They essentially contain the same ingredients that any maki would contain, except that they’re rolled a different way and aren’t cut into pieces.

To eat them, you would pick up the pointed end with your fingers and start at the open end, eating away until the entire roll is gone.

How to eat sushi

Please note that for simplicity’s sake, I will refer to all of the aforementioned dishes as “sushi” going forward.

How to eat sushi tip #1
Use fingers or chopsticks
The beauty of sushi is that it’s a finger food, so if you’re not exactly familiar with the use of chopsticks (you should get on that pronto), not to worry; eating with your hands is fine (except for the sashimi, which requires being eaten with chopsticks).

It’s actually preferable to eat with your hands than it would be for you to cut up a piece of sushi with a fork and knife.

How to eat sushi tip #2
Eat the whole piece of sushi

When you indulge in sushi, it is proper etiquette to place the entire piece into your mouth rather than bite off a piece (except the roll, of course). It is considered a work of art by the chef who creates it and it is insulting when you tear it apart, leaving it to fall apart in your hand, on the sticks, or on the plate.

How to eat sushi tip #3
Don’t drown your food in soy sauce

Just as it’s rude to salt your food before you taste it, it’s just as rude to drench your sushi in soy sauce before you put a piece into your mouth. Soy sauce is meant to enhance the flavor of what you’re eating, not drown it.

Dab your sushi into the sauce and eat it, rather than pour the sauce over your food.

How to eat sushi tip #4
Try the wasabi
If you use too much of it, wasabi will make you feel like you got punched in the nose, but this green horseradish concoction works wonders in moderation and is quite good for you.

To use it, you can either ask the sushi chef to include some in your sushi or you can place some directly onto your piece of sushi and then dip that side into the soy sauce. Of course, you can always eat it without the sauce.

It is considered bad manners, however, to mix wasabi with your soy sauce.

How to eat sushi tip #5
Eat the ginger

The pink, pickled ginger is not meant to be eaten with sushi simultaneously; rather, it’s used to cleanse the palate after each morsel, so have a piece of sushi, eat a piece of ginger, then try a different piece of sushi.

Now you know how to eat sushi

Sushi is a fun and beautiful dining experience, and if you know how to enjoy it to the fullest, it will taste that much better.

And if you are thinking about trying it but feel a bit sketched out by the whole “raw fish, seaweed” thing, you should at least go into the experience with an open mind before you decide that sushi is not for you.


Entertainment News - February 29, 2008

Check out Justin Timberlake dressed in a Speedo, sporting a mustache and acting like a French Canadian in the upcoming comedy The Love Guru, starring Mike Myers and Jessica Alba. Hilarious. "You know! Like in the por-no!"

I adore Orlando Bloom and would welcome him into my bed any day, but I recently discovered that he emanates an odor that resembles sweaty balls and onions. I'd really hate to smell up my new sheets. (CelebNewsWire)

Let's see... Lindsay Lohan has taken off her clothes for New York magazine, for Paper magazine and is about to show off her "fire" crotch to the world in Playboy... someone needs a job. (Egotastic)

I don't care if Brad Pitt wears a hat all day or sports the gayest haircut this side of Elton John; at the end of the day he's hotter than most men I know. (dListed)

When Brad Pitt starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston knew that it was over. Angelina had everything Brad Pitt desired, and then some. The world seems to think that Jen can't let it go, and maybe it's true, but I don't think that Angelina and Jen having a sit-down is going to change anything. (Celebrity Rumors)

Kate Beckinsale talks about her vagina like it has a cape with a big "S" on it. But when you refer to your vagina as a twat, you make it sound like it's the size of a subway tunnel. (IDLYITW)

Whitney Houston is planning her huge comeback (hopefully, not "crackback") on May 8th, 2008 in London when she performs at the Caudwell Children’s Legend Ball in Battersea. (ICYDK)

Lose Weight Effectively - 9 Tips

By Meredith Thompson

If you want to lose weight effectively, you need to follow some ground rules. I know we live in a fast-paced society, but weight loss will not happen overnight and, if it does, it won’t last.

To get you started on your righteous path to lose weight effectively, here are your sure-fire bets that assure long-lasting results and the least chance of following off the wagon.

Lose weight effectively tip #1
Figure out your motivation
Before you even bother getting started, you need to figure out why exactly you want to lose weight. If it’s because you want to fit into your size 6 dress in time for your sister’s wedding, then you’re heart and body are not in the right place and you are not ready to lose weight effectively.

Your objective should be a long-term one; one that you will stick to your whole life through. Do you want to improve your health, maintain a more radiant appearance or increase your energy? If your motivation is one that sets the standard for the long-term, then you are well on your way to lose weight efectivly.

Lose weight effectively tip #2
Don’t starve yourself

Avoiding food is terrible for your health and your morale. If that isn’t bad enough, it also sends the signal to your body that you’re in a famine, so the next time you ingest anything, it will get stored as fat, as your body is afraid that it won’t get to eat again anytime soon.

Starvation diets won’t do you any good and will leave you feeling like a failure after you finally give up and begin to eat again, which will result in even more weight gain.

Lose weight effectively tip #3
Keep a diary

Most women have no idea how much they actually eat in a given day, but if you held yourself accountable and had to write everything down, you’d realize that you’re probably ingesting a lot of the wrong things.

As well, knowing that you’d have to write down “large chocolate muffin” in your diary might deter you from eating it altogether. The last thing you want is proof that you’re sabotaging your own efforts.

Lose weight effectively tip #4
Visit your doctor

It’s a good idea to trek over to your doctor’s office before you get your plan to lose weight effectively underway. He or she may be able to lend you a hand.

As well, frequent checkups during your bid to get healthier may even be encouraging. As your cholesterol goes down and your metabolism begins to climb, positive reinforcement from your doctor may be just the reassurance you need to keep yourself on the right track.

Lose weight effectively tip #5
You knew this was coming. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and health at its peak. And you don’t need to go to a gym to see the benefits.

If you are a novice, start by taking a 30 minute walk every day and gradually build yourself up to speed walking, jogging and perhaps even running. Then start building muscle with active sports and by lifting weights. Muscle requires more energy (calories) than fat, so you’ll effectively end up burning more calories throughout the day.

Lose weight effectively tip #6
Eat right

Your diet is one of the most important aspects in your bid to lose weight effectively. Your commitment has to be one of complete change for a lifetime, not just temporary.

Eliminating processed foods and stocking up on fresh produce is a great start. Incorporating lean meats, chicken and fish as diet staples will also work wonders for your health and waistline.

And while it’s okay to have that piece of cake every now and then, it should be the exception, not the rule.

Lose weight effectively tip #7
Avoid quick fixes
You’re surely going to see ads and infomercials that promise that if you take their magical pills, you will drop 4 dress sizes in 7 hours. Don’t believe the hype.

There’s no secret to what it takes to lose weight effectively. You’ve seen it on the reality show The Biggest Loser and you will see it once you get started. Eating right and exercising will help you lose weight effectively and keep it off.

These get skinny quick scams will only make you poorer and fatter in the long run.

Lose weight effectively tip #8
Breathe deep
Among other things, the body needs oxygen to survive. And while you breathe all day long via reflex, most of us don’t breath effectively.

Each day, take a moment to take 10 deep inhales and exhales. This will aid you in maintaining your focus, oxygenating your body and getting your blood moving.

Lose weight effectively tip #9
Drink water
No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you should always have a bottle of water next to you. Water cleanses your system and keeps you hydrated.

Oftentimes, we think we’re hungry when, in fact, we’re simply in need of hydration. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day to keep yourself in top form.

Lose weight effectively

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what it takes to lose weight effectively, but sometimes we all need to reflect and focus on what’s important to us. And if you want to live a long, healthy life and keep looking your best for the rest of your days, then the above tips will help you to succeed.

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Cameron Diaz Saggy Back

Cameron Diaz has a great body; she's fit, she's toned and you can see the definition in her body from her arms down to her long legs. But she can't deny time, and it has definitely taken its toll on her. Too much time in the sun has made her face look old before its time and her dress showed off her saggy back skin. It's not backfat by any means, but it is saggy back.

Entertainment News - February 28, 2008

Ellen Degeneres and Heidi Klum start off discussing Swedish meatballs and the convo morphs into one about men's balls. Pretty funny.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a loose dress, so naturally rumors abound that she's pregnant. (Hollywood Tuna)

Pamela Anderson really has not aged well and even Rick Salomon ran in the other direction once he saw her without the smoke and mirrors. Ugh! Douche! (Celebrity Rumors)

Because Jessica Simpson has become so incredibly irrelevant around these parts, she's decided to head to where the troops are so she can perform her irrelevant music. (Just Jared)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are considering moving to France to raise their latest addition to the family, a baby girl. (IDLYITW)

Nicole Richie's baby is quite cute. (dListed)

Cindy Adams, the Page Six columnist is a real loser and accused Nicole Kidman of drinking wine while pregnant. Scab. (ShowbizInfo)

Winter hairstyle for Women

The latest fashion hairstyle for women -Winter hairstyle
Winter hairstyle If you want do a new hairstyle for the cold winter, so we intrduce this new warm hairstyle for you. If you have short hairstyle, that's may suits you best. And not, do some warm color to your hair, it surely looks more attractive!

How to dye the color by yourself?
If you are dyeing your own hair, then ensure that you have enough dye. Usually the kits that are available have enough dye to cover shoulder length hair. If you have longer hair
, then buy two packs instead of one. At least you won’t run out when you doing the dyeing.

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Billy Marquart

Billy Marquart is the newest hottie to hit Hollywood and he's getting a good lick of Hollywood by posing for ads in the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. He has a beautifully athletic physique and a face I could kiss for hours. If you haven't yet heard of him, hang on to your thong because he's about to bust Hollywood wide open.

In 2006, Billy Marquart dropped out of college to pursue acting and modeling full time. And I think I speak for all women when I say, "thank God for that."

After signing with the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency in 2004, Billy appeared on Dickinson's show, aptly called The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on the Oxygen Network. Look for this stunner in the pages of the Spring 2008 Abercrombie & Fitch print campaign, and try to catch a peek of him, albeit fully dressed, in a National Chevrolet commercial that is currently airing.

And remember; when he becomes a star, I was the first to give you this man, chest and all.

IMDb - William Marquart

Entertainment News - February 27, 2008

Lindsay Lohan has completely fallen off the wagon and kissed the pavement on her way out of a nightclub last night. What a loser.

Rihanna might sound good on her albums but she really can't sing a lick to save her life. Thank God she's beautiful, yo. (Hollywood Tuna)

It seems that in a bid to steal away the headlines from her sister, Britney Spears became pregnant with Adnan Ghalib's baby in order to cement her place in the tabloids. (dListed)

Christina Aguilera's breasts are huge, and she has the veins to prove it. Nasty. (IDLYITW)

Entertainment News - February 26, 2008

Well, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are keeping mum, but when she decides to wear a form-fitting dress, it kinda gives it away. (CelebNewsWire)

Why wasn't Brad Renfro added to the Oscar tribute montage? (ICYDK)

Owen Wilson attended the Oscars and he was all serious, I guess a suicide attempt will do that to you. (Showbiz Info)

FOX's Moment of Truth was on last night and some chick finally went all the way, but was it all bull?

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Usher Raymond

Usher is the black version of Matthew McConaughey in that he loves to take off his shirt any chance he gets. And no one's complaining, believe me. I'd love to have those washboard abs hovering over me even on my worst day. I'd do whatever it takes to jump on it. Yeah!

Entertainment News - February 25, 2008

Wonder what everyone was wearing at the Academy Awards last night? Check it out. (Hollywood Tuna)

While you were watching the Oscars, there was an orgy going on at the Big Brother house over at CBS. That's one way to get better ratings.

If you care about who won what at the Oscars, you can get all the info right here. (Gossip Girls)

While Sarah Silverman is f*%!ing Matt Damon, her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel admits that he's f*%!ing Ben Affleck. Hilarious. Check it out; Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Don Cheadle, Lance Bass, Rebecca Romijn, and more are in it.

George Clooney

George Clooney Vital Stats
Birth Name:
George Timothy Clooney
Birth Date: May 6, 1961
Birth Place: Lexington, Kentucky
Height: 5’11”
Romantic Link: Sarah Larson

George Clooney Interesting Facts

George Clooney made a $10,000 bet with both Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman that he wouldn’t be married by 40. When 40 came and went, the ladies both sent him a check for that amount. He sent it back and kept the bet on until he’s 50.

In 1982, George Clooney slept in a friend’s closet while he was struggling to find work.

George Clooney Biography

George Timothy Clooney was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky, to parents Nina and Nick, and alongside older sister Ada Zeidler.

Growing up, George instantly loved the limelight and often accompanied his father, who was a broadcast journalist, to work. George quickly learned the ins and outs of the business, but vowed that he would never do it for a living.

Clooney gets Bell’s Palsy

When George was 15, he saw the movie The Pride of the Yankees and decided that he wanted to become a professional baseball player and have millions of adoring fans. Unfortunately for George, he also learned that he had Bell’s Palsy that same year.

Lucky for George, the disease, which paralyzes part of the face, ran its course without any serious repercussions and by 19, George headed off to college in Kentucky, but found himself bored and restless.

Upon the urging of his cousin, Miguel Ferrer, George visited the set where Ferrer was filming a movie, and George ended up getting a bit part in the film. It was at this point, in 1980, that Clooney finally knew what it was he wanted to do with his life.

Although his parents discouraged it, George dropped out of college and delved into a career in film. He wanted to be a movie star.

Of course, he had to make some money in order to get to Hollywood and because his parents did not support his decision, George completed odd jobs until he managed to purchase a used car and earn $300. Then it was off to Hollywood, where George would stay with his Aunt Rosemary Clooney.

Clooney stars in The Facts of Life

Things didn’t come easily for Clooney. When he was staying with his aunt, they agreed that he would do odd jobs for her in exchange. Because he wasn’t a big fan of odd jobs, he managed to upset his aunt and was asked to leave due to his laziness.

So George moved in with a friend and slept in his closet, meanwhile going to any open-call audition he could find. Life was tough; any time he was great in an audition, the pilot would not get picked up by any of the networks, leaving George at square one.

Finally, in 1985, Clooney landed the role of, well, George, in The Facts Of Life. On the down side, the popular sitcom was coming to a close and Clooney was left looking for work once again.

Clooney becomes Dr. Doug Ross on ER

After landing bit parts in the very forgettable Return To Horror High in 1987, and Return Of The Killer Tomatoes in 1988, George landed another meaty television role as Booker in the very popular sitcom Roseanne, starring Roseanne Barr.

It was on December 15, 1989, that the now-sworn eternal bachelor decided to marry Talia Balsam. Unfortunately, the two divorced in September 1993.

After a few more very forgettable movie roles between 1990 and 1993, George hit the big time at Dr. Doug Ross on the instant hit drama ER in 1994. The role gave George ample opportunity to be more selective with the movie roles he wanted to do.

Clooney & Quentin in From Dusk Till Dawn

The first big-budget film George starred in was a Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez vehicle and co-starred Salma Hayek. From Dusk Till Dawn took George far away from the lovable character that his fans were used to.

George would continue to do double time on ER and in movies and, before his contract ended, George completed four other movies: One Fine Day costarring Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman & Robin costarring Alicia Silverstone, The Peacemaker costarring Nicole Kidman, and Out Of Sight costarring Jennifer Lopez. It was obvious that George was a true leading man.

By the time George had bid farewell to ER in 1999, he starred in Three Kings with Ice Cube and good friend Mark Wahlberg. Word also has it that, because Clooney enjoyed the TV animation South Park so much, he personally asked creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker for a part in the 1999 film release of the popular series entitled South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, and became the voice of Dr. Gouache.

At the turn of the century, Clooney kept himself very busy by executive producing Killroy right at the end of 1999, and executive producing and starring in the TV movie Fail Safe, and starring in two big screen efforts; O Brother, Where Art Thou and The Perfect Storm, once again with his sidekick Mark Wahlberg.

Clooney takes on Ocean’s Eleven

After entertaining the children in the blockbuster hit Spy Kids in 2001, George Clooney put together an all-star cast, which included the likes of Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia, for a remake of the Rat Pack movie Ocean’s Eleven, with Clooney in the role that Frank Sinatra originally took on back in 1960.

After such a big budget stint, Clooney spent 2002 starring in Solaris, a big-budget flick that tanked in theaters. It was also in 2002, that Clooney successfully starred in and directed the box-office hit Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, starring Sam Rockwell.

After returning for the Spy Kids sequel, entitled Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over in 2003, Clooney teamed up with beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones that same year for in the romantic comedy Intolerable Cruelty. It was during shooting of this film that Clooney managed to convince Zeta-Jones to star in the upcoming sequel for Ocean’s Eleven.

Clooney takes on Ocean’s Twelve

Clooney spent 2004 hanging out with his Ocean’s Twelve cast mates at his villa in Lake Como, Italy, while making the sequel, and apparently had a fantastic time and managed to delay the movie’s wrap-up by months. The movie was nevertheless successful and carried Clooney into 2005, which would be his busiest and most successful year by far.

After producing The Jacket, which starred Adrien Brody, Clooney directed, wrote, and starred in Good Night, and Good Luck., a black and white film set in the 1950s about broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow and his attempt to bring down Senator Joseph McCart. The movie was applauded and garnered Clooney many accolades, including the Venice Film Festival Award for Best Film and the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures.

Clooney gains weight for Syriana

In what would turn out to be both a good and bad movie, Clooney starred in and executive produced the politically-charged film Syriana. Clooney gained 35 pounds to play the role of Bob Barnes, and during filming, he suffered a serious spinal injury that required multiple surgeries, left him with severe migraine headaches and kept him in bed for over a month.

On a more pleasant note, his role in the film got him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He spent the rest of 2006 executive producing the Jennifer Aniston/Kevin Costner vehicle, Rumor Has It…

Clooney keeps himself quite occupied by executive producing such films as A Scanner Darkly, PU-239, Wind Chill, and Tishomingo Blues, producing and starring in Michael Clayton and Ocean’s Thirteen, and simply starring in The Good German.

On a personal note, Clooney recently ended his on-again, off-again relationship with model Lisa Snowdon in 2005, and was re-linked to Krista Allen, before he made it public that he is dating model Sarah Larson. Clooney has vowed never to marry again and does not want to have any children.

Clooney currently lives in Lake Como and enjoyed spending time with his pet pig Max, but Max unfortunately went to pig heaven in December 2006.

IMDb - George Clooney

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Jewel Teeth

While some of us win the "looks" lottery when it comes to our face and body, we sometimes lose big-time when it comes to our teeth. That is the case with singer Jewel, who is content and comfortable with the fact that her teeth look like stalactites. So here's to you who refuse to get braces and bear the teeth God gave you.

Entertainment News - February 22, 2008

Elizabeth Hurley may be a multi-millionaire but she only pays her maid/nanny $2.33 and hour. (CelebNewsWire)

What in the world did 5 months pregnant Nicole Kidman do to her lips?!? (dListed)

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony welcomed their baby twins into the world today. (Gossip Girls)

Orlando Bloom is dating another stunner; this time it's Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. (IDLYITW)

Aaron Carter was busted for marijuana possession. (ICYDK)

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Katie Holmes, and Tom Cruise got together for lunch, probably to talk about how they're going to use their Jedi Scientology tricks to take over the world. Those sneaky bastards. (ShowBizNews)

Stylish Flat Shoes

By Ellen Shear

2008 is the year of flat shoes and, for most women, that is a godsend if there ever was one. Flat shoes are not only comfortable; this season they come in a variety of styles and colors that would excite any woman.

This year’s flat shoes styles include both ballerina and peep toe varieties, and the colors that are all the rage range from green, yellow and pink to red and cobalt blue. Of course, black and white are the staples for most women’s summer wardrobes, and you can feel free to stick with what makes you most comfortable.

So if you’re raring to get yourself a pair, or 3, of this summer’s flat shoes extraordinaire, let’s get moving on the styles available.

Flat shoes design #1
Available in light green, light yellow, red, black, and white, these adorable and uber-comfortable flats will take you from the street to the office, all the while ensuring high-quality comfort and sleek design.

Wear them with: A long flowing skirt, Capri pants (no, they will never go out of style) or casual jeans. Just avoid overmatching (a monochrome green all over is just not flattering).

Flat shoes design #2
Metallics are taking over this summer, although these shoes come in both silver and black (for those of us not yet willing to take the Martian plunge). With an original suede-tip finish and a faux bow, these shoes offer up a snug fit without sacrificing style.

Wear them with: Short shorts and a tank or casual jeans and a T-shirt.

Flat shoes design #3

With lace detailing and 10 laces across the top, these ballet flats provide a more elegant look for the woman who wants to dress up her gams without the pain of high heels. Available in bone, pink, light beige, and black, these stylish and delicate looking shoes will have you prancing around wherever you go.

Wear them with: Anything from a flirty knee-high skirt to loose-fitting Capris.

Flat shoes design #4

Easily one of the hottest flat shoes this season, these sexy lace up flat shoes flatter both the foot and the ankle, and create the look of a long, lean leg. Although they’re only available in beige, this really is the most flattering color for these shoes, as they express a subtle feel and a very feminine appeal.

Wear them with: A knee high skirt or a pair of loose fitting shorts.

Flat shoes design #5

These Victorian inspired, lace crocheted ballerina flat shoes dark brown, bone and black, will impress both you and anyone who takes notice. And considering how stylish they are, you can bet that just about everyone will.

Wear them with: A bohemian skirt and top or cut off jeans.

Flat shoes for summer

This year’s flat shoes will keep women in better moods because we all know that comfortable feet make for a happy woman, so get out there and get walking in your newfound comfort.


Entertainment News - February 21, 2008

Looks like Janet Jackson will soon be heading to the altar with Jermaine Dupri. (dListed)

Reese Witherspoon was at the premiere of her new movie Penelope, starring James McAvoy and Christina Ricci. (Gossip Girls)

Kim Kardashian loves her ass and she wants you to love it too. (IDLYITW)

Rumors abound that Jessica Alba is expecting twins. Wow. (ShowBizNews)

Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Believe it or not, Gene Simmons does cheat on his long-time grilfriend, and now there's a sex tape to prove it. I hope you don't expect anything significant because he has a penis the size of a Gherkin's and the vigor to match.

He tries to kiss Barbie a couple of times but she turns away in disgust, which makes this a dead giveaway that she's setting him up.

The best part? Foreigner is playing in the background. "I Want to Know What Love Is"... ah, don't we all?

Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Entertainment News - February 20, 2008

Jennifer Lopez is making a cool $6 million by offering first dibs of her babies to People magazine. (CelebNewsWire)

Scientology critic Shawn Lonsdale was found dead in his home of an apparent suicide. Hmm... (dListed)

We knew it was coming; Pink and husband Carey Hart are getting divorced after 2 years of marriage. (CelebSpin)

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden haven't seen their kid since it was born. (IDLYITW)

What Are Fat Blockers?

By Tara Fraser

Due to our consistent attempt to avoid anything that involves discipline or hard work, creative money-makers have figured out a new way to rob us of our money with the promise of dramatic weight loss. This time, it’s through something called fat blockers.

While this isn’t anything new, after all, you’ve certainly heard of a drug called Xenical, these so-called fat blockers work in a different way.

What is Xenical?

Xenical, also called Orlistat, works by inhibiting an enzyme in the intestines (lipase) from breaking up the fat and preparing it for digestion. Therefore, because the fat isn’t adequately digested, it doesn’t get absorbed by the body.

On average, people who took Xenical ended up losing 10% of their total body weight. These people, however, were closely monitored by professionals and put on a diet that required them to restrict calories, especially those coming from fat.

Fat blockers

Other fat blockers, with official-sounding names like “Eclipse 2000 Deluxe Chitosan” and “BSN Cheaters Relief,” cannot be found in your local pharmacy or health food store, but rather in magazines and perhaps bodybuilding stores.

Most of these products are not FDA approved (as though that means anything nowadays) and, although they do not contain and illegal substances, they are not guaranteed to do what they promise and still require a boatload of discipline from the purchasers of such products.

How fat blockers work

All of these fat blockers consist either or tablets or come in powder form and contain, as their main ingredient, chitosan, a calcium-rich compound that is obtained from pulverized sea creatures.

When you ingest this product, it is designed to grab hold of the fat you eat and separate it from the other nutrients in your body, keeping your body from digesting it. Rather, it doesn’t get absorbed by the body at all and simply makes its way out of your system via your intestines.

Most products claim that anywhere from 35% to 80% of the fat you ingest will exit the body without being absorbed, but the problem with the claim is that it has never been substantiated via clinical testing.

So if you opted to buy any of these fat blockers, you would be relying on the word of the manufacturer rather than scientific evidence.

Fat blockers false hopes

Now let’s say that these products actually did work. Let’s say they could magically block your body from absorbing any fat. What do you think the chances are that you would be able to discipline yourself away from, say, that Whopper?

That’s just it. The problem with these magical solutions is that they end up putting the user’s mind at ease and they end up eating perhaps double what they would’ve eaten before without a thought about the possible consequences.

If that weren’t enough, what do you think happens when fat isn’t absorbed by the body and exits via the intestines? Well, I’m sure you can imagine that the odor would be foul and the stool would become loose, taking away your ability to hold in gas and anal leakage.

Finally, most vitamins are fat soluble, which means that your body needs some fat if you hope to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, so without a modicum of fat, you will become deficient in necessary nutrients.

Fat-blocking solution

So what does that leave you with? Well, how about some lifestyle diet changes and exercise? Fat is not the problem in our diets today; there are plenty of fats that are detrimental to our health - no, quality and quantity count.

If you can manage to eat good fats, complex carbohydrates and a healthy amount of protein, as well as spend 30 minutes doing rigorous exercise on an almost daily basis, you can probably bet that you’ll be in the best health and shape of your life.

Entertainment News - February 19, 2008

Hayden Christensen is looking mighty hot in Details magazine. (I'm Not Obsessed)

Britney Spears is eating alot and it's beginning to take its toll on her body. (Gossip Girls)

Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is an uber-junkie and it looks like he will never get off heroin. (Celebrity Rumors)

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham's son, Cruz Beckham, is a 3-year-old breakdancing machine. (Just Jared)

Matthew McConaughey is smoking hot in this Dolce & Gabbana ad. (ICYDK)

Entertainment News - February 18, 2008

Paris Hilton performed with the pussycat dolls. It is, after all, her destiny to be a stripper. (Hollywood Tuna)

Lindsay Lohan poses as Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine. (dListed)

Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia glam it up for a special date. (Gossip Girls)

Drunken Stepfather gets featured in Maxim magazine. (Drunken Stepfather)

Marcus Schenkenberg

Marcus Schenkenberg Vital Stats
Birth Name: Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop
Birth Date: August 4, 1968
Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 6’3”
Romantic Link: Joanie Marie “Chyna” Laurer

Marcus Schenkenberg Interesting Facts

Marcus Schenkenberg speaks six languages fluently - Swedish, English, Dutch, Italian, German, and French.

Marcus has two nicknames – “Scheckie” to friends and “Mackan” to family.

Marcus Schenkenberg Biography

Born on August 4, 1968, in Stockholm, Sweden, Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop and his older brother Michael, were raised in a middle class environment.

Growing up, Marcus was a tall child and hoped to one day become a world-famous basketball player… or a fighter pilot.

Marcus noticed by Barry King

School could not hold Marcus’ interest and by 1987, he had made the decision to travel to the United States with a buddy. A year later, while Marcus was rollerblading through Venice Beach, photographer Barry King spotted him.

Marcus, who at the time was a dog walker and nanny, agreed to have his photo taken right then and there, and so began the modeling life of Marcus Schenkenberg.

A few months later in 1988, Marcus found himself walking the runways of Paris. But it wasn’t until he was photographed naked in the shower holding a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans in 1989, that every woman on Earth knew just who Marcus Schenkenberg was.

And jean campaigns seemed to be Marcus’ forte for awhile, as he did campaigns for Ferre, Calvin Klein and Hollywood jeans between 1989 and 1992.

Schenkenberg publishes a book

By 1991, Marcus was world famous and had quickly become the first male supermodel commanding as much money per runway show and campaign as five famed female supermodels of the time (Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Claudia Schiffer).

Throughout the ‘90s, Marcus was doing runway work for Gianni Versace, Ungaro and Donna Karan. In 1992, he was selected as one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

In 1997, Marcus became the first male model ever to publish a book with comments by himself and others about his life and times. And of course, the book contained many pictures of him, both professional and personal. All the proceeds from the book went to help victims of Multiple Sclerosis (Marcus’ older brother was diagnosed with the disease).

Marcus in Prince Valiant

That same year, Marcus began to digress from modeling and started landing small roles in films. His first movie, Prince Valiant, in which he played Tiny, took place in the era of King Arthur.

By 1999, Marcus took on the starring role in Hostage, a film about a man who is reunited with his half-siblings and is consumed by a dramatic relationship with his girlfriend.

In 2000, however, Marcus did take another movie role in Dinner Rush, but the role was so insignificant that he was credited as “Male Customer.” He also released a music single called “La Chica Mariat,” which is still available on Virgin Records.

Marcus dates Pamela Anderson

Lucky for Marcus, he also met and began dating Pamela Anderson in 2000, and a year later, he landed a guest-starring role on her hit show V.I.P.

In 2001, Marcus moved to Italy, where he began hosting Italian TV shows, The Corlucci Cald Show and La Grande Note de Lunadi Sera.

After purchasing a home in Milan, Marcus began living there and in New York, where he had a bit role on the soap opera As The World Turns (2002).

The next couple of years had Marcus staying out of the limelight but he resurfaced in 2005 with a vengeance. After making an appearance at Pamela Anderson’s Roast, he then starred in her Fox TV sitcom, Stacked. All this sparked rumors that the two had become an item again, but Pamela was famous for hanging out with her exes.

Marcus on The Surreal Life

Also in 2005, Marcus became one the celebrities on the third season of The Surreal Life, along with Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, Janice Dickinson, Caprice Bourret, and Jose Canseco. Rumors abound that Marcus is currently dating Joanie Laurer after the two became quite close during the show.

Currently, Marcus splits his time between Italy and New York.

Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles

Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles
Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles As you know,a lot of celebrities have straight sedu hair and I am sure that like me all women desires to have sedu hairstyles like celebrities, they are so beautiful and really attractive!It used to be that any time a person with curly hair wanted straight hair; he or she had to go to a professional salon and pay to have the hair straightened.

Here are some Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles pictures.
Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles Celebrity Jennifer Aniston long blonde sedu hairstyles
Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles Celebrity Jennifer Aniston long sedu hairstyles
Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles
Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles

Short blonde hairstyle for women

Here is a picture of new short blonde hair style
latest new short blonde hair style 2009 - This short straight blonde hair looks more sexy than short black style.

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Lenny Kravitz

I fell in love with Lenny Kravitz from the first moment I laid eyes on him. His sweet voice, his sexy eyes, a body that just doesn't quit, and lyrics that would make any woman melt. Of course, his inability to commit to one woman and the fact that he stinks sorta turn me off, but I think I'd be okay with it for a short period of time.

Leonardo DiCaprio Fashion hairstyles

Leonardo DiCaprio Latest Hairstyles
Celebrity hairstyles Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles
Leonardo DiCaprio Short Haircut
Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles

Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles
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Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles

6 Hair Removal Methods

By Danielle Lemay

Considered the bane of most women’s existence (next to cellulite, of course), unwanted hair is a problem that we all deal with in some form or other. Luckily there are hair removal methods that can help us virtually eradicate it.

Now while some women are blessed with nothing more than sporadic hair on their legs, others aren’t so lucky and have to contend with sideburns and back hair.

That said, here are some hair removal methods, their pros and cons, and how much these hair removal methods will cost you.

Hair removal method #1

By far the most popular method for removing unwanted body hair, shaving involves a razor and cream, and perhaps a hot running shower.

Pros: Shaving is cheap, fast and can be done without the need of a professional.
Cons: The hair grows back quickly, and stubble can be felt almost hours later, depending on how long you’ve been shaving.
How long it lasts: Up to 2 days
Cost: Less than $10, even with a great razor.

Hair removal method #2

Some women swear by waxing; a process that involves placing heated wax on a patch of unwanted hair, then placing a cloth over the wax, patting it down, and yanking it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Pros: Waxing can be done at home and body hair will eventually become thinner and thinner so that it’s less noticeable. It’s also great for removing dead skin cells.
Cons: It’s painful. There’s a huge potential for ingrown hairs and red pimple-like growths. As well, if you overheat the wax, you can burn yourself pretty badly. Sun should be avoided for at least 48 hours afterwards. Hair needs to be 1/8 of an inch long before waxing can be effective. Finally, there are times when your body just won’t respond well to waxing (menstrual period), and for some women, inflicting such pain on themselves is difficult, thus forcing them to enlist the help of a professional.
How long it lasts: 3 to 8 weeks.
Cost: Between $8 (at home) to $300 (professional)

Hair removal method #3

Depilatories contain an alkaline chemical that dissolves the protein structure of the hair, resulting in its separation from the skin. Popular depilatory creams include Neet and Nair.

Pros: Relatively cheap and quick, taking no more than 4 to 15 minutes.
Cons: They may cause serious skin rashes and even third degree burns. Hair needs to be a certain length for it to work at its full capacity. May increase acne and ingrown hairs.
How long it lasts: Up to 7 days
Cost: $4 to $8 a bottle

Hair removal method #4

Electrolysis involves using current electrical techniques done with multiple-needle machines. There are other machines that use a combination of electricity and heat (thermolysis) to destroy hair follicles.

Pros: Designed to rid the body of hair. Great for facial hair.
Cons: Removing each hair can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes to remove. Requires a series of treatments, which can last up to a year and get very expensive.
How long it lasts: Up to 6 weeks
Cost: $60 to $100 an hour

Hair removal method #5

With constant improvements being made, laser hair removal involves using a laser beam of light to remove multiple follicles of hair.

Pros: It’s pretty fast. The results are permanent, with many women reporting 80% of hair disappearing after 2 visits. Although expensive, it is permanent.
Cons: It’s painful. Not everyone can do it; the best candidates have dark hair and light skin. A series of treatments may be required.
How long it lasts: 2 months after first visit.
Cost: Up to $3000 a year

Hair removal method #6
Prescribed by doctors, Vaniqa is a topical cream that contains eflornithine hydrochloride and is used to inhibit the growth of unwanted facial hair.

Pros: Because there aren't many recommended methods of hair removal for the face, this is a great alternative.
Cons: It’s not permanent. You have to wait upwards of 8 weeks to see an improvement.
How long it lasts: As long as you keep using it, and up to 8 weeks after you discontinue use.
Cost: $60

Hair removal methods

With constant improvements being made every day, you no longer have to settle for stubbly legs or unwanted hair period. Now you can get those silky-looking gams… as long as you have the money for it.

Entertainment News - February 15, 2008

Some idiot fan took a picture of a Paula Abdul while she was peeing in the ladies' room and thought it was completely normal. (CelebNewsWire)

Word is that Britney Spears is so freakin' out of her mind that she married Adnan Ghalib, who's still married to another woman. I'm still not sure how that works. (IDLYITW)

Lindsay Lohan was willing to have sex with Adrian Grenier or Leonardo DiCaprio or both, but they weren't feeling it. It's tough to go from the A-list all the way down to Z. (dListed)

Why Starvation Diets Never Work

By Samantha Hallinger

At some point or other in our lives, we’ve tried to starve ourselves into a size 6 dress. And it may have worked; but there’s no doubt that the results were only temporary and the moment a morsel of food touched our lips, we were right back where we started.

The worst part of starvation diets is that they actually do work for a while – you do begin to see results almost immediately. That’s why so many women stick to this tried and tested formula of starvation diets for a quick drop on the scale.

Unfortunately, starvation diets are also very dangerous to your health and will likely end up making you gain more weight in the end.

What happens on starvation diets?

Starvation diets problems #1
Your body keeps the fat
When your body senses that it’s not getting enough energy to get through the day (i.e. calories), it switches on its “self-preservation” mode and hangs on to all the fat stores of your body, rather than burning them for fuel.

Then, when you do finally eat, or rather, anything you ingest will be stored as fat because your body thinks it’s heading into a great famine.

Starvation diets problems #2
Your body eats the muscle

While your body is busy holding on to all that fat, it will begin to eat away at the muscles in your body, because they perform less metabolic work and are therefore not as useful as the fat stores.
So while you are losing weight initially, and the scale is making you a happy camper, at the end of the day, your body is eating away at the muscle stores and hanging on for dear life to the fat.

Starvation diets problems #3
Your eating habits come back

We all know that unless you become anorexic, which is a whole different topic altogether, you will eventually return to your old eating habits. What happens is, when you do finally ingest something with a significant amount of calories, your body will store it, along with all the other fat it’s kept thus far, because it assumes that it won’t be getting any more calories for a while.

The end result is that you’ve lost muscle tone, gained fat and weakened your system so that it burns calories more slowly in order to survive. The body is a marvelous thing and you’ve just managed to create a monster within.

Starvation diets problems #4
You’ll be fatigued

With a low and almost non-existent calorie intake, your energy stores will be depleted (calories and energy are synonymous). So you will feel yourself getting more and more sluggish, and waking up in the morning will be a challenge in and of itself.

While water will help to flush out your system, given that you keep drinking it, the lack of nutrients will begin to take their toll after only a few days.

Starvation diets problems #5
You’re always hungry
Whereas there are diets, or better yet, lifestyle changes that allow you to feel full and satisfied while losing weight, starvation diets will leave the hunger pangs beating into you.

Not only will you feel hungry all the time, starvation diets will make you irritable. Nothing makes a woman bitchier than hunger.

Starvation diets problems #6
You’ll get sick

Not only will starvation diets eat away at your muscle, they will also begin to make your bones brittle, munch away at your libido and weaken your immune system.

Sugar, caffeine, stress and constant dieting (yoyo dieting) literally starve your bones and so begin the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Your desire for sex will become almost non existent because your metabolism will slow down and your muscle stores are eroding.

Finally, due to a lack of essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, your immune system will not be able to ward off bacteria and viruses that will cause you to get ill.

Starvation diets problems #7
You damage your metabolism
Many people don’t understand that starvation diets have negative long term effects. Your metabolism doesn’t just slow down during your diet phase; it will maintain its slowness well after you begin eating again.

Your body will not immediately comprehend that you’re back to your regular eating habits so it will store everything you feed it as fat. By the time your body gets used to receiving regular calories, you will have already gained all your weight back.

Starvation diets problems #8
You’ll gain it all back
Because starvation diets cannot be maintained for extended periods of time, it is inevitable that you will gain all the weight you lost back, but this time, more of your weight returns will return as fat; not muscle.

The fact of the matter is that starvation diets do not present realistic goals for long term.

Starvation diets suck

It’s obvious that starving your body into weight loss is simply dumb and unrealistic. If you want to succeed on a diet, it needs to be one that you can commit to for a lifetime.

Your best bet would be to eat smaller portions and ingest plenty of fruits and vegetable, as well as lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Starving may present immediate results, but you’ll be doing more good than harm over the long haul.

Entertainment News - February 14, 2008

Amy Winehouse has taken a new lover. (CelebSpin)

Hugh Jackman is starring in the X-Men spinoff movie, Wolverine. (Just Jared)

Kathleen Turner badmouths Nicolas Cage and now he's suing her for it. (IDLYITW)

Whitney Houston is all cleaned up and ready for her comeback. (ICYDK)

Check out the video for Kanye West's new single, "Flashing Lights".

Entertainment News - February 13, 2008

My prediction for the winner of American Idol - Michael Johns. Here he is singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Dakota Fanning's sister, Elle Fanning, who is uber-cute, was set to star in a film with her sister called My Sister's Keeper, but Dakota pulled out and took her sister with her because she refused to shave her head for the movie. (dListed)

Paris Hilton's little brother Barron Hilton, wa busted for DUI. All in the family, I guess. (Gossip Girls)

Perez Hilton dyes his hair in order to take the focus off his terrible acne; should consider using Proactiv Solution and then becoming a spokesperson. (Just Jared)

Miley Cyrus is a near perfect role model for kids, so naturally, some idiots have to create something in order to tarnish her image. (ICYDK)

Check out all the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition pictures your eyes can handle. (Drunken Stepfather)

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Josh Duhamel

We all know and love Josh Duhamel, not only for his body and good looks, but for his acting chops on Las Vegas and his dedication to his fiancee, Fergie, who is pregnant with their first child.