Hawken Gameplay

This is the intro video for the upcoming mech FPS combat title Hawken. Looks incredible huh?

Lady Gaga Cakes

Want a piece of Lady Gaga? Well you can have one by creating a Lady Gaga Cake or Cupcakes. If you are planning a Lady Gaga Birthday Party you will like some of these Lady Gaga Cakes and Cupcake Ideas others have created to inspire you to create your own for your Lady Gaga Party.

Here are Lady Gaga Cakes in honor of the 25th Lady Gaga’s Birthday.

Toilet Paper Roll Prank for April Fools Day

The worst thing can happen in a bathroom is to find the toilet paper roll like this when you need it the most. Nice Fools Day prank.

Source: instructables

Watch as Catzilla Attacks

Everyone knows that the world will end in 2012. What if the cat-astrophic event will begin with Catzilla Atack?

Source: modcatlove