Miniature Buildings - Street Art by Evol

Evol is a gifted designer and street artist from Berlin. He thought that there were too much boring urban surfaces and he decided to transform these. Just by printing repetitive buildings pattern on paper and pasting these to electricity boxes, small planters or other type of street equipments, Evol gives the city an incredible magic effect. Indeed, Evol turns a random electrical installation into a convincing reproduction of the city skyscrapers. He performs his art within different cities, maybe in your streets.

Image Source: flickr

Awesome Patriotic Airbrushed Camaro

Here's a bunch of pics of the unveiling of the American Pride Camaro from the Camaro Fall Classic car show. This car is incredible! The painting was done by hand with an airbrush and then clearcoated.

Artist Mickey Harris created the Chevy Camaro American Pride on commission from GM last summer as a one-off for its show car division.

Hit the jump to see the “close-up view” pictures and the description of the American Pride Camaro from GM.

Source: autos