New Hyundai Blue Square 2012

As the main icon of South Korean carmaker, Hyundai took to compete with Japanese car manufacturers to develop future vehicles namely, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

Latest concept car from Hyundai on display today at the Seoul Motor Show 2011 is called "Blue Square". Or we could also call it the Blue power of two!

To move the car, Hyundai use traditional electric motor 90 kW (120PS) with fuel consumption of 34.9 km / liter. Blue Square name used because this car is also a "blue print" for Hyundai to to make the sedan of the future.

This concept car is a combination of Blue-Drive and sub​​-eco-brand of Hyundai that uses the number "2 " is taken from the "H2", the chemical symbol of hydrogen.

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