Toyota Prius Print Top Record Sales

Tech hybrid car began to receive consumer. The proof, this type of car sales in Japan's domestic market can beat the sale of conventional machines. Achievement is carved a successful Toyota Prius achieved the highest sales for six consecutive months.

Including last October, total sales reached 26,918 units, 6341 units more than the same month period last year. The sale could be as high as it helped them because of taxes and subsidies from the government. AP news agency reported on Friday (6 / 11).

Meanwhile, the second highest sales of the product taken from Honda Motor Co. (HMC) Fit, which sold 15,444 units. Compact sedan was not a hybrid tech, but still get a tax break for fuel efficient.

Toyota achieved the third position back through the Vitz subcompact. The Honda hybrid vehicles, the Insight, the ninth position.

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