Latest Toyota FJ Cruiser 2011

FJ Cruiser Concept design first introduced in 2003 at the Detroit Auto Show. Three years later, 2006, the car is launched only for the North American market. For performance, the Toyota SUV designed for use on the highway and off-road. Hence, the system of 4 x 4 which is applied to part-time. At times, the system can be transformed into 4 x 2 or 4 x 4 in accordance with field conditions.

Automatic transmission
FJ Cruiser uses a gasoline engine 1GR-FE 4.0-liter capacity with the latest D-VVT-i (Double Variable Valve Timing-intelligent), suction channel which could be extended or shortened according to the engine working conditions. For transmission, Toyota's use 5 Super ECT (automatic). In Japan, SUVs are sold with prices starting at 3.14 million yen (USD 323 million) and off-road package for 3.32 million yen (USD 341 million). Mechanical power generated is not mentioned. Fuel consumption is claimed to be 8.4 km / liter to achieve CO2 emissions of 276 g / km.

From the front, this SUV looks solid because of his cabin and a large straight. Side mirrors are also large, while the front bumper comes with the center are painted silver. The combination of body color with white roof gives the impression of Toyota's special on this one product. Next door using hinges at the back so they can open a more spacious cabin, allows drivers and passengers in and out.

Special package
FJ Cruiser is equipped with LED type rear brake lights and mounted above the rear glass (rear spoiler). Interior uses analog instruments to give a solid impression. For entertainment, paired with 8 speakers. The ceiling used to place the speakers so that it can produce sound throughout the cabin. By using a double wishbone suspension in front and trailing arm at the rear, Toyota claims that the SUV steady maneuvering around the corner and provide stability in a straight line. Its shock absorbers are also set back to provide maximum comfort.

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