The Numbers Behind China

China is huge and growing at breakneck speed. With 1.3 billion people, China’s population is four times the size of U.S.

China is trying hard to be more than just the world’s factory. It is looking to be an innovator. Earlier this year, China has introduced a patent development strategy that ambitiously aims to have 2 million patent applications by 2015. We are also witnessing a growing list of Western technology companies partnering with Chinese companies.

Nokia, Google and Groupon are some recent active companies while Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had taken time to visit China last year. To fuel innovation, Chinese Internet giant, Tencent has also recently set up a $760 million fund to invest in local start-ups. Dell forecasted that it would invest $250 billion in China over the next ten years. All these, I believe, are snippets of hint towards an innovative China in the near future.

In 2009, China produced over 67 million LCD TVs and 619 million mobile phones. The infographic below tells the tale of China in statistics and helps you to understand the country better.

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