2012 New Mia Electric Car with F1 Interior

Mia Electric car, first introduced at the Geneva Auto Show 2011. This tiny box minibus car look less attractive. However, look closer. Open the door, come in, and saw the interior. Admiration will appear. Mia all the side door opened and closed by sliding. This is the creative description of the car design. Also, once entered into the passenger compartment and cockpit, also found new things in the minibus. So, in a cramped space, the electric car is not going to bother the passengers nor the driver to go up and down. So also when up and drop off luggage!

The driver was in the middle so that the space next to (right and left) wide. All passengers are behind. Short Mia filled only two passengers with two individual seats. Although such a concept, similar to the interior minibus Mia supersport car, the McLaren F1.
the center of the dashboard to monitor the car. Other additional devices are tablet PCs for business. The interior is made from scratch-resistant ABS material and can not bend.

As a source of energy, Mia uses 8 kWh battery which when fully charged (3 hours) can be for a distance of 80-90 km. When completed another 10 minutes, power it can to increase the mileage as far as 8 km. The highest speed can be achieved, according to claim Mia, is 110 km.

Even so, the price of this vehicle, including expensive. Mia L (long chassis) sold for 19,500 euros or USD 240 million with a contract until 2011, including the battery. Mia The short version with a special seat much more expensive, 24 500 euros

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