new sports cars

new sports cars

Here's a new sports car is amazing - KTM X-Ray bow. As seen, how we do, an amazing performance. So, that's how you do a special appearance? Well, this Taipudifendazuopunhoiru cycle can almost see them. In a big hood to hide before it, was under the wheels, the front of the body lice narrow nose, the engine behind the cockpit.

Curved at the top nossel engine, which acts as a cover, and provides some downforce at speed. Then double radiators installed in each side of the engine, just behind the cockpit, where the masked part of the engine and rear wheels. If you look from behind, you can see the rear suspension and a big exhaust pipe behind the exhaust gas will directly exit. Mufflers will operate as a member of the safety impact of the accident in an accident.

Austria, with a mid-engine layout

So, which produces sports cars this unusual? KTM, Austria producer high Bikes Off-road. How Motorcycles KTM X-Bow hot to do things without the comfort, and shook the world of sports cars

Each performance of no-frills

In some respects, the KTM X-Bow, seems inspired by the Caparo T1, although it is slightly heavier and has half the energy. Overall, the KTM X-Bow is a surprising addition to the world of sports car

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