home creative design interior - Sensational Sunrooms

Most sunrooms are designed with the purpose of allowing increased light to enter the home, via multiple windows, skylights, glass block or full pane doors. Creating optimum natural lighting characteristics within the designated sunroom space allows for the experimentation and implementation of numerous color options.home creative design interior

For those who are opting for a tranquil and spacious sunroom, consider utilizing calming blues and greens are part of your sunroom color scheme. Popular garden motifs and the concept of "bringing the outdoors inside" highlight a soothing color scheme that is comprised of a soothing blue and green color palette. In contrast, yellows and oranges impart vibrant energy to a space and lend themselves toward the creation of a stimulating sunroom space. Consider these types of brilliant and vivid hues when the goal is to establish an exciting sunroom space.
Allow color to assist with appealing to all five of the senses when designing a sunroom. Texture, for instance, can be incorporated through the use of lavish accent rugs and cozy quilts and throws. Fresh flowers, candles and potpourri add continuous heavenly aromas to the space. The clever use of color imparted to all design elements including wall paints, other painted accents and floors assist in uniting the sunroom.

Since sunrooms ‘encourage’ sunlight to come into the room, the use of a 100% acrylic Exterior paint is very desirable since they will have excellent color fade resistance. Exterior paints can be tinted to a full range of colors, so you can enjoy the color you want with the performance you need. Exterior paints are also available in flats, sheens and semi gloss finishes.

Painted ladders to be used to hold flower pots or as end tables; painted screens hinged together make wonderful corner accents and be painted solid, stenciled or distressed - depending on the motif of your sunroom. Floors of sunrooms can also be painted - either with designs to simulate a rug or in patterns to simulate tile. Special floor paints are available that will have maximum adhesion to the surface you’re painting and maximum wear resistance.home creative design interior

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