Room Cretive design - Likeable Living Rooms

More often used for family relaxation than formal entertainment, today’s living rooms reflect comfortable, stylish spaces. An ideal location to highlight a unique decorating "persona", color choices for living rooms can be as bold or relaxing as the individual preferences of the homeowner.
Homecreativedesigninterior give Decorative paint techniques utilized in living room spaces demonstrate a homeowner’s preference for added texture, color and style. Utilizing a "Combing" or "Dragging" technique, for instance on one representative accent wall that is within in a small, square living room area can lend the illusion of added length and space. Consider decorative techniques that provide fabric like appearances such as leather, suede and silk to impart an elegant appearance for living rooms that portray a formal air. Denim, chambray and chenille fabrications can also be achieved through the use of decorative paint techniques for the more casually styled living room space.

Neutral color selections provide a soothing effect and blend graciously with furnishings and fabrics that contain bold patterns, as well as featured collections within the living room space. Neutral color schemes also conform quite easily to living room interiors that feature seasonal changes in décor.
Consult the Paint Quality Institute’s Color Wheel for assistance with color schemesthat feature bold complementary color choices. By introducing one or more bold hues to the living room space, it is possible to create an environment that stimulates energy and excitement.
Eggshell paints are particularly desirable when living room spacesare used for family relaxation, as they contain low angle sheen combined with durability. Depending upon the look you desire for your living room, matte paints are also available which possess good wash ability and stain resistance.

Consider adding distinctive flair to the living room space by incorporating color by means of painted picture frames used as decorative accents, painted "faux" fireplaces add ambiance and charm, or contrasting painted moldings and trim within the living room space.

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